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About Us

“Our mission is to continue to lead the casual-kilt revolution by providing customers with high quality casual kilts and accessories, at exceptional prices, accompanied by outstanding service.”

How It All Began: (History)

Founded in 1995, Sport Kilt is the very first company to begin making casual kilts in the USA. We took the traditional kilt concept and crafted a casual kilt using modern materials. It is a perfect fit for the needs of Highland Athletes and casual-kilt aficionados alike. Sport Kilt offers an option for people looking for a tartan (plaid) kilt that is less expensive, comfortable, lighter, and durable, yet machine washable. Athletes around the world love competing in Sport Kilts and, as a result, we have earned the endorsement of the Scottish American Athletic Association. Kilts are becoming increasingly popular for everyday wear, and we are proud to be the leader of that trend.

With an increasing selection of tartans, including our own brand of original designs, Sport Kilts cost about one tenth that of the traditional wool kilt. This, coupled with their simple good looks, comfort and craftsmanship, make them ideal for having fun in a kilt. Sport Kilts are worn at Highland Games, Rock concerts, Celtic Festiivals, Coffee shops, restaurants, dog-shows (no kidding!) and beyond.

Besides the Original Sport Kilt, we constantly strive to upgrade our product line and as a result developed the popular Boulder, Commando, “The Works” and a specialty Hiking Kilt made from of a unique, super-lightweight, quick drying micro-fiber material to satisfy the desires of hikers and runners. Available options include hidden pockets, sewn down pleats, belt loops, a fringed edge on the front panel, side pockets, and leather buckle straps.

Every Sport Kilt is made in the USA of machine washable polyester viscose blend fabric

Sport Kilts aren’t just for grown men either! We offer a variety of kilts for women and children. (Parents will particularly appreciate a garment that is “durable and washable”.

In addition to our complete line of kilts, Sport Kilt offers an excellent selection of accessories to compliment the kilt wearer: including sporrans, kilt pins, belts, shirts, and other items.

People often choose Sport Kilt for their first kilt due to our quick turn-around time and low prices. Many customers come back for more kilts and accessories after being satisfied with our products and services.

We cater to individuals looking to wear a kilt that is stylish, comfortable, and modern, while celebrating our Celtic roots.

From athletes to artists and from carpenters to and trend-setters, we’ve always said that you don’t have to be Scot or Irish to wear a Sport Kilt!

Give us a call, we're always happy to talk all things kilts! (562) 427-3232 or 1-800-451-KILT