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Mini Kilt

A short and sexy Women's Mini Kilt with a 14" length. Each comes standard with pleats all around the backside, a flat front panel in the front, an inside stash pocket, a secure velcro closure, some elastic in the waistband for adjustability, and of course, our exclusive poly-blend, machine washable material which has a soft feel, and holds a pleat very well.









Size note: small fits 25-30" waists, medium is for 27-33" large is for 34-38" waists and XL fits 38-44" waist sizes.    We can also make your kilt to a custom length, just let us know!

It looks best when you're near the top of the size range as the waistband is fully stretched and the pleats will lay flatter across your backside.

We recommend you allow 3-5 days for us to make and/or customize your kilt before we can ship it out.