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Ultra Mini Kilt

A VERY short (12" from top to bottom) and sexy Sport Kilt, with an inside stash pocket, Velcro closure and, of course, our exclusive poly-blend, machine washable material.

The Mini-kilt is 12" long, and guaranteed to turn heads!  You can also have us customize your Ultra Mini Kilt with some of our custom options like; having the "pleats sewn down" (highly recommended), adding leather "buckle straps", "belt loops", and even "fringe" which is a fringed edge along the opening side of the kilt. 

Size note: small fits 25-30" waists, medium is for 27-33" large is for 34-38" waists and XL fits 38-44" waist sizes. 

we recommend you allow 3-5 days for us to make and/or customize your kilt before we can ship it out.