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The MacFarlan Hunting tartan (or MacFarland)

The MacFarlan* Hunting tartan. Motto: "This I'll Defend!" is a fantastic tartan featuring blue‚ orange‚ green‚ white and black stripes on a green background. Clan MacFarlan was so skilled hunting at night that the full moon was refered to as "MacFarlan's Lantern".

*According to an article written by Kent MacFarlane for The Lantern, an explanation is offered to the derivation of present spellings of the MacFarlane/McFarland name.

“As has been written many times before. The proper, i.e. Gaelic, spelling of our name is Mac Phàrlaine. The correct translation of the name into English is Macfarlane. All the other variants are scribal "errors" caused by people writing down what they heard. One of the maligned versions (maligned for being "Irish" -as though that makes it suspect or "wrong") is MacFarland.