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Spring Into Spring 2019

We’re giving away prizes to the bravest, most epic or just plain entertaining pics of you springing it up in a Sport Kilt. Post a photo on Facebook or Instagram with #ClanBrave by June 1st to get on our Wall of Fame and enter the contest.

Rules n' Such +

First place will receive a $250 gift certificate, second place a $100 gift certificate and third place a $50 gift certificate.

  • Send us a photo of yerself rockin’ a Sport Kilt wherever you are by uploading to our Wall of Fame.
  • Be sure to share your photo on Facebook or Instagram and use the hashtag #ClanBrave.
  • The contest ends on June 1st, 2019, so be sure to submit your photo entry before then!
  • Winners will be chosen by the Sport Kilt team and announced the first week of June.

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Contest winners

1 place
Kristin Peek
Max celebrating St Patrick’s Day the Scottish way in Charleston, SC!
2 place
Chad Bacon
Clan Buchanan Texas Style
3 place
Jessica Jeffrey
Tossing the Caber at the Highland Games!