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Ferguson Ultra Mini Kilt

Ferguson Ultra Mini Kilt
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Ferguson Ultra Mini Kilt!

If Robert Fergus(s)on, mentor to Robert Burns, was alive today we bet he would probably have something about these sassy Mini Sport Kilts, although we might need a translator.  

The Ultra Mini kilt is 12" long, and guaranteed to turn heads!

Size Small fits size 1-4; medium fits sizes 4-8, large fits sizes 9-14. XL fits size 15-22.  You can also add custom features like sewn-down pleats, fringe and buckle strap closure to jazz up your Sport Kilt!

These are custom made, so please allow 3-4 days for us to make your mini-kilt. Customizations, i.e., belt buckles, sewn down pleats, etc., may add a couple of days to your order's delivery time.