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Hash House Trail Ultra Mini Kilt

Hash House Trail Ultra Mini Kilt
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Hash House Trail Ultra Mini Kilt!

A short and sexy Sport Kilt, with an inside stash pocket, Velcro closure and, of course, our exclusive poly-blend, machine washable material.

The Hash House tartans come with our Sewn Down BOX Pleats option included free.  ON ON!

The Ultra Mini-kilt is 12" long, and guaranteed to turn heads! Size Small fits size 1-4; medium fits sizes 4-8, large fits sizes 9-14. XL fits size 15-22.  You can also add custom features like sewn-down pleats, fringe and buckle strap closure to jazz up your Sport Kilt!

These are custom made, so please allow 3-4 days for us to make your mini-kilt.

Customizations, i.e., belt buckles, sewn down pleats, etc., may add a couple of days to your order's delivery time.


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Hash Trail Kilt Ultra Mini

  • By: Emilie Verified Buyer from Boulder, CO on August 24, 2009

I love my Hash Trail Ultra Mini Kilt. The pocket and added side buckles are a nice addition. I also like the box pleating in the back. The colors came out great and look even better than is portrayed on this website. This kilt will be worn with pride at our upcoming InterAmerica's Hash in Winter Park, CO 2009.

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Solid Kilt

  • By: jen09 Verified Buyer from Bloomington, IN US on April 10, 2018

I really liked the kilt. I ordered the Hash House tartan. My only issue with it was that it comes with the seams already sewn down. As a woman with more of an hourglass shape, I needed more room in the hips/buttock area than the is given with the pleats sewn. All the other tartans, by default, come without the sewing down. Thankfully, I was able to rip the seams on the sewn down pleats without any issue, and now the kilt fits perfectly. I just wish this was disclosed more prominently and there was an option to have this feature removed.

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