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Graystone Kilt


Graystone Kilt

Waist Size *

Using a measuring tape, wrap it around your waist where you'd like the top of your kilt to sit. Don't hold in your stomach!. Usually this measurement is larger than the waist-size of your pants. You might consider giving yourself an extra inch, or so, for comfort. That will be the ideal waist measurement to order.

Remember, it will be easier for YOU to adjust one that's a little too large, but one that's too small might be a job for Slim Fast.

Please Note: We cannot accept returns or exchanges on any custom made garment. Measure carefully!

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Traditional Kilt with all the trimmings,

-3 leather buckle straps, p

-three belt loops in the back to hold your belt or sporran chain.

-Comfortable poluviscose with satin lining.

-24″ length.

measuring: use a measuring tape, don’t go by your pants size.

While all of our other kilts are made in the USA, these are imported and if your size is available they are ready to ship!


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