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Hiking Kilt – Evergreen


Hiking Kilt – Evergreen

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Sport Kilt Hiking Kilt in the Evergreen plaid.

Great for hiking, running, camping, even swimming!

Cool, quick drying, breathable, lightweight (330 grams!) microfiber kilt for the active hiker who wants to trek in style and comfort.

Standard Features include: 22 1/2″ length, Sewn-down-pleats, velcro closure with a touch of elastic in the waistband for comfort and adjustability. Designed for hikers, by hikers!

6 reviews for Hiking Kilt – Evergreen

  1. David Lantrip (verified owner)

    I was very impressed with the quick turnaround time, even with ordering extra pockets. I needed it for a St. Patrick’s Day run and it arrived with a week to spare. Very comfortable and despite my initial worries, no problems at all with fit, even while running a half marathon. I don’t ever want to run in anything but a kilt now!

  2. Steven Rosenak

    Great kilt
    Great kilt, Very lightweight, I am very impressed with the quality of your product. Will check with you for future Purchases

  3. Another Scout Master

    Good value
    Good kilt. This is my 6th kilt… (my others are 1-Acrilic, 3-utility and 1-8 yard custom wool) after camping in my utility kilts, I wanted something that wasn’t made with cotton. I was initially concerned the microfiber material would look and feel like a camp towel. My concerns were NOT warranted It’s smooth and soft on the outside but slick on the inside. The kilt has a double front apron And even without a kilt pin, stayed down pretty well in the wind. Camped in it 3 days and had no complaints. Great for not soaking up moisture unlike most utility style kilts made of cotton.

  4. Assigog

    The hiking kilt is great. Wear it daily relaxing around house. Did wear hiking in Rocky Mtn National park. Did get a few funny looks but for the most part people ignored the fact i was wearing a kilt. Would need more support to wear in public at home though

  5. KiltedCub

    5 Years and Still Going Strong
    I have had my hiking kilt’s (2 of them) for over 5 years now and they still look great. The Velcro is still perfect, and I just love the comfort of wearing this particular kilt during the summer months. It has been worth every penny spent on them.

  6. O’B

    First time Kilt wearer. Now is the time to start wearing it!
    Well, package came one day before St. Patrick day, cool. Both fits very well. I notice that I can move the top of the kilt up a little if I want with no real issue. One Kilt is Hiking Kilt (Evergreen) and the other Red Zone Works Kilt.

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