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Recon Hiking Kilt – Basalt Gray


Durable and lined hiking kilt with pleats around the backside, and four pockets for all your everyday carry essentials.

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Recon Hiking Kilt

Designed to take you where other kilts won’t go!

Made with durable, waterproof kilt material, mesh inner liner, adjustable waistband, four pockets, and pleats around the backside.

Lightweight enough to pack down small, and keep you cool and comfortable on your trek.  Unlike our other hiking kilts, this does not use velcro, and has four snaps on the front sides, and an adjustable waistband with nylon buckle.

Featuring four pockets; two side cargo pockets, with zipper pockets on top of them.  The two outer cargo pockets measure 6′ wide x 9″ deep, while the inner zipper pockets measure 6″ wide and 7″ deep.  Plenty of room to keep even the largest phone or GPS unit, along with all your day-hike essentials.

The exercise kilt is pleated around the backside for mobility, and that Sport Kilt look.  Standard length on all sizes is 24″.  Weight is 1.08 pounds for a size 34.

Featuring a Basalt Gray color in durable 100% brushed poly cotton canvas.  Sport Kilt logo ghost-embossed over the pockets.

available in  size 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46

Men’s Hiking Kilt Sizing:

Go two sizes up from your pants size, or measure around your waist with a measuring tape to find your exact size.  If you measure 35″ around, go up to a 36, etc.

Standard length is 24″

Update 6/24/2021: This is the first generation of a new product that we will be making design tweaks on. The next generation will have a nylon webbing belt instead of elastic belt for more strength. We are fielding feedback from some of the early product testers to make this even better in the future!

5 reviews for Recon Hiking Kilt – Basalt Gray

  1. Peter Veasey (verified owner)

    Kilt is a little hot for summer hiking, but built well EXCEPT they use the cheapest belt they could find. The belt buckle doesn’t even work because the belt material is so weak. Have to cut the belt off and replace it. Expect much better from this company.
    In the picture below shows how thin the belt material is just holding up the kilt. Useless.

    • sportkilt

      We agree with you, and this was one of the changes we made to the Recon 2 – the second generation has a sturdy nylon belt. We agree that the belt on this model is too stretchy.

  2. Michael Gilgan (verified owner)

    Great kilt!! Love the cut,swish,&way it wears. Waterproof material is a plus in thunderstorms, only thing I’d replace(& did) was the elastic waist belt is really weak and stretches out too easy. Otherwise it’s an awesome outdoor kilt!!!!!

  3. Francis Carroll (verified owner)

    1st impression when I opened the mail packet – unimpressed. I thought the material might have been like ripstop nylon, this waterproof material. It’s like wearing a rubber apron – hot & sticks to the skin, well to my legs. Couldn’t ya’ll have made that lining longer, instead of covering the waist only.
    My advice to anyone thinking of purchasing this “hiking” kilt who plans to hike in hot clime – forget it! Buy another kilt from Sport Kilt – the
    Commando 2 comes to mind. I’ve worn the Ninja kilt in triple digit temps & in the rain, comfortable in the heat & it dryed out by the time we made it back to base camp at Chaco Canyon.
    I’d return this kilt in a heartbeat, but it’s been worn twice & washed…so I’ll just have to save it for what in South Central Texas passes for winter.

    • sportkilt

      Thanks for your feedback, and for being one of the early testers of this new kilt. The next run will use a different material, not waterproof, so it won’t have the waterproof coating on the inside. While this kilt would be great for Fall/Winter hikes with rain involved, we agree that the Hiking Kilt or Original/Works kilt is better suited for Summer hiking in hot weather.

  4. Ernest (verified owner)

    The description does say waterproof material, so… not the best choice of kilt for hot dry weather. I love the cut and style though! Sport Kilt, PLEASE make this kilt with the same lined material used in the other hiking kilts!

  5. willgrennan (verified owner)

    Love the kilt, perfect for warm weather. The only hitch is it’s too long. A standard length of 22.5″ would fit me perfectly. at least n option for a shorter length would help

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