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Kilt Accessories

So you’ve got your kilt, now what?


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The #1 accessory to wear with a kilt is the Sporran that hangs around your waist and in front of the kilt.  Next is a nice pair of Kilt Hose that go up and over your calf.  Flashes add a nice touch to your kilt hose, and let people know you put some serious thought into your outfit.  Kilt pins are great to add decoration to the front of your kilt, and also give it some extra weight.

Complete your Sport Kilt ensemble with fashionable and stylish Kilt Accessories and Tartan Supplies. From Sporrans to Sashes, Flashes to Pins and much more. Offering both traditional and modern accessory styles, Men’s and Women’s Kilt Accessories from Sport Kilt will make your outfit come to life!

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