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Men's Kilts

Sport Kilts for Men are the ultimate in menswear for both comfort and style. Men's Kilts from Sport Kilt feature the traditional look in comfortable modern fabrics made with no-itch machine-washable material. Plus, Sport Kilts are customizable, so we'll make yours just the way you like; with pockets, belt loops, buckle closure, or sewn-down pleats!

There are three models you can select depending on the type of kilting you've got in mind. You’ll see the Original Sport Kilt, Works Kilt, and Ultimate kilt models, as well as some solid color, custom, and mixed color modern tartan and Highland outfit models.

The Original Sport Kilt is a great way to get started and see what it's like to wear a kilt for the first time.  The adjustability of a velcro closure and an elastic waistband gives each size a 4 inch range that it will fit in the waist.  Our standard length of 22.5″ for L,XL and XXL fits most guys 5'10-6'2″ tall.  If you're unsure about the size, or length you need, just give us a call, we can measure you right over the phone.

You can add custom features to your Original Sport Kilt, our favorite is the Sewn Down Pleats, which makes the kilt lay flatter across your backside, makes the pleats break apart lower down like a traditional kilt for men, and also makes it easier to care for because the pleats never lose their knife edge and need to be re-pressed around the top.

The Works Kilt is our world-famous Original Sport Kilt with three custom features included at a discount: Leather buckle straps with metal buckles on the opening side, which are functional and look sharp, Sewn Down Pleats, and Fringe, which is an additional panel of material that we sew onto the opening side of the kilt and comb out to match the tartan.

The Ultimate Kilt is custom tailored to your waist, hip, and length measurements, comes with knife edge pleating, and belt loops included, and does not have elastic in the waist, because it is a more tailored fit.  The Ultimate kilt, when measured correctly, will hang on your body like a custom fitted suit, and is still great for all sorts of outdoor activities, besides looking great for formal occasions.

We can also add pockets and belt loops to your men’s kilt.  Even though traditional kilts for men don’t have pockets, we’ll put those on both sides of the flat front-panel so that they aren’t noticeable, but nice and deep to keep lots of stuff. Of course, you could always get a kilt sporran to hold all of your stuff (keys, wallet, phone) in a convenient location. We like to think of them as a primitive fanny pack that gives the kilt an authentic look.  The sporran is probably the #1 accessory to wear with your kilt.

Please note: We will do our best to get your modern and Highland kilt outfits to you when you need them and often we can ship them out within one or two days.  When choosing custom options like sewn-down pleats, belt loops, buckle straps, fringe, or pockets, please allow 3-5 days for production.  Need it super fast?  No problem, just give us a call.

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