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Irish Kilts

The Irish wear kilts too, who knew?  We did!

Back in the last century (circa 1995) before the Irish County tartans were invented, we came up with some designs we thought the Irish, and people of Irish decent would enjoy.  The Irisher, Irish Clover, and Irish revenge are some of them.

We often tell people that because there is only 20 miles separating Ireland and Scotland at one point, there is a lot of Celtic DNA that made it’s way back and forth between the channel.

Today there are modern surname tartans like Murphy, Kelly, and O’Neil, but a lot of Irish typically wear the tartan from the county that their ancestors hail from.  We have official Irish County tartans available in wool, and a few Irish surnames in our poly-blend Sport Kilt material.

All Ireland tartan is a great choice that represents the whole Island of Ireland.

You don’t have to be Irish or Scottish to wear a kilt, but it sure doesn’t hurt!

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