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Man wearing a kilt with a motorbike in the desert

Motorcycle camping (aka moto-camping)
on a 250cc dual-sport motorbike presents many challenges, especially when you’re traveling for 5 days and 800 miles through the Nevada desert. First, there’s the lack of space to hold all your gear; after water, gas, tools and first aid, there’s basically no room left for clothing. Luckily, the Thiarloch Hiking Kilt packs up small and is lightweight, making it worth its weight in gold after a long day of riding.

After riding over 100 miles on dirt roads from Beatty, Nevada, we found our first campsite on Day 2. The first item to come out of my panniers was the Hiking Kilt, which I put it on over the armored riding pants I’d been wearing for the last eight hours. What an amazing feeling to drop trou and be free! We set up tents, got out our stoves, boiled some water, charged our helmet comms, put our socks over our mirrors to dry, and cracked open a beer.

Our journey through Nevada started in the small mining town of Tonopah, heading south along the Nevada Backcountry Discovery Route (BDR). We cruised to Primm and then crossed into California where things really heated up through Death Valley, Badwater Basin (229′ below sea level), Furnace Creek (the hottest place in the US), and the treacherous Lippincott pass. The Sportorcycle nearly ran out of fuel and water in Death Valley, but was able to coast to Big Pine, CA on fumes.

We got to see some amazing natural wonders, thousand year old Bristlecone Pine trees, unbelievable rock formations like the Racetrack, hot springs, mountain passes and canyons. It’s a trip I’ll never forget, and I’m glad I could bring my Sport Kilt and tartan Sportorcycle along for the ride.


Hiking Kilt – Thiarloch

Thiarloch Flashes

Recon 2 Hiking Kilt