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Tie the knot in some traditional Scottish garb! We’ve got everything you could possibly need to make your special day even more extraordinary!


The Formal Groom Package

Most go for a tux on their wedding day, and hey, that’s fine. But some of us, dare we say, the bravest among us, opt for something a little different. For those brave souls who seek a wedding that truly stands out we offer the Formal Kilt Package.


  • Ultimate Sport Kilt
  • Prince Charlie Jacket
  • Rabbit Fur Dress Sporran
  • Deluxe Cable Knit Kilt hose
  • Ghillie Brogue Shoes
  • Matching Flashes
  • Matching Fly plaid
  • Kilt Pin
  • Brooch

From head to toe, look the part the occasion demands. The Formal Kilt Package includes everything you need except a tux shirt and black tie.

Ultimate Kilt

Whether attending, performing, dancing, fainting or being the man of the hour, Kilts and weddings go hand in hand. You simply cannot go wrong with the Ultimate Kilt.


The Ultimate Kilt comes with optional cargo pockets, sewn down pleats, and 3″ belt loops. There is velcro on the inside of the kilt for adjustability, as well as a small Sport Kilt logo on the pocket storm flap. We also stitch vertically along the knife edge of the pleat, all the way down to the bottom hem to help the pleats keep their shape even better.

Since there is no elastic in the waistband on this model, please give us your actual waist and hip measurement (in inches) as well as the desired length. Other options are also available, i.e., leather buckle straps, fringe, and hidden side pockets. Please allow about 3-4 weeks to complete, plus shipping time

Prince Charlie Jacket

Pretty much everyone gets married in a jacket. Pretty much everyone attends a wedding in a jacket. But NOT THIS kind of jacket. Our Prince Charlie Jacket and Vest is reserved only for the boldest among us, those who simply must stand out on the big day.


We’ve searched around to find the finest quality material for our Prince Charlie Jacket and Vest, and are offering it at the lowest price possible. Each piece is fully tailored, 100% wool, and finished with twenty-five silver-plated, diamond shaped, traditional, thistle buttons. Included is the satin-lined vest with formal shawl collar and beautifully appointed with matching, silver, three-button closure.

Note: These jackets run a little smaller than usual, so we recommend getting 1 jacket size larger than you would normally take. If your jacket doesn’t fit, we can exchange it for a different size at no additional charge. Returns are subject to a $15 restocking fee.


Handfasting Scarf

If it’s a true Scottish wedding, then you’ll need your Handfasting Scarf. Handfasting is an ancient Celtic tradition joining two people in love. It is a sacred ceremony of commitment presided over by a high priestess. If that’s not romantic, we don’t know what is!

Best performed at a time of sunrise or sunset where both the Sun and Moon are present in the joining of the two lovers. Don’t be stuck without your Handfasting Scarf and resorting to your dinner napkin.


Sport Kilt Sash…
There are many ways to wear a sash at a wedding. Whether just to add a dash of color, or for more traditional reasons, a Sash is a must have wedding accessory. A Sash is commonly draped over the left shoulder and pinned at the hip with a brooch or pin. Men can drape it over the shoulder, and tuck it into the kilt to wear to the next Ren Faire.

The Sash is approximately 90″ by 11″ with a hem along the length and fringe on the ends. Available in almost 100 Tartans.


If it’s elegance you’re after, well then drape yourself in a Ruana. It’s basically a Scottish “Poncho”, and we wanted to call it a “Sconcho”, but the true name for this is “Ruana”. Brought to you by overwhelming customer demand from both men and women. Measures approximately 60″ long by 54″ wide. Available in almost 100 Tartans.


Argyll Jacket

For the more casual groom, or for the lucky fellas lining his side, the Argyll Jacket is the perfect option. It’s great for day or evening wear and is a little less formal than the Prince Charlie Jacket.


The Argyll Jacket features include 100% virgin wool, fully satin lined with decorative silver-tone button closure. (Nor to be buttoned during wear). In addition, matching buttons adorn the cuffs and each of the side pockets.

This Scottish designed jacket has side vents, pleated decorative gauntlet cuffs and is topped off with braided epaulets on the shoulder. A 5 button waistcoat (vest) is included with this product.

Highland Kilt Package

We all know weddings are as much about the little things as the big. The perfect accessories are what take it from special to legendary. So whether you’re outfitting your groomsman or looking for something that helps you stand out on the dance floor, we’ve made sure to account for everything with the Highland Kilt Package.


  • “Works” model Sport Kilt
  • Contemporary kilt hose
  • Matching flashes
  • High quality leather sporran
  • Highland Shirt
  • Kilt pin

Kilt comes with Sewn Down Pleats, Leather buckle straps, 3″ belt loops, and fringed front panel. Any of these options can be omitted upon request in the “order notes” when checking out. Turnaround time is 2-5 days for us to tailor your kilt, plus shipping time.


If a tie is a must, why not a Tartan tie? Add a little spice on that special occasion with one our handmade, classic neck-ties. Modern, four inch width, and standard 63 inch length, overall. These are made to order, so please allow 3-7 days for production, plus shipping time. Available in more than 100 Tartans.


Youth Kilt Package

We all know the jaws drop, tears flow, and cameras come out when the kiddos walk down the aisle. We’re here to make sure your kilted kiddos are the bell of the ball. Our Youth Kilt Package includes.

Youth kilt in your choice of over 60 tartans.
Youth size sporran in either black, gray, or white fur, with thistle emblem, and includes chain-belt.
Youth size “Real Kids wear Kilts” t-shirt in charcoal heather.

Note: Baby and Toddler kilts will come with our “Child Size” sporan, and Youth and Young Lad/Lass kilts will come with our “Youth Size” sporran.

Toddler Kilt

We all know the jaws drop, tears flow, and cameras come out when the kiddos walk down the aisle. We’re here to make sure your kilted kiddos are the bell of the ball. Our Toddler Kilt fits babies and toddlers up to 2 years old.

Washable, 100% polyester for sensitive skin; adjustable elastic waistband with a velcro closure for easy on-and-off. Made in the USA! Available in more than 100 Tartans.

Youth Sporran

Youth Sporran, If your kiddo is carrying the ring down the aisle, you better make sure there’s somewhere they can stash it! We love our kids, but we’re not trusting those hands just yet!

The Youth Sporran is ideal for kids from 2-8 years old. Pictured at left are three sizes: Adult, Youth, and child size sporrans. The youth size measures 5.5″ wide by 6.5″ tall. Available in white, gray or black rabbit fur.


Pet Bow Tie

What’s better than a dog at a wedding? A dog with a bow tie at a wedding, that’s what! Our Pet Bow Tie’s are fully adjustable and pre-tied with an easy on-off clasp. Made in the USA out of your choice of machine washable poly-blend tartan material. Fits pet necks 11-20″ in circumference.

Pet Bandana

If you’re going for that rustic wedding look, outfit your best pup pal in our Pet Bandana. It’s fully adjustable and pre-tied with an easy on-off clasp. Made in the USA out of your choice of machine washable poly-blend tartan material. Fits pet necks 11-20″ in circumference


Original Kilt Package

If it’s Bachelor Party garb you’re after, then look no further. Whether for Traditions sake or just to stand out amongst the crowd, the Original Kilt Package is the perfect place to start for Bachelor Party shenanigans. And, you’ll be easier to spot if you get stuck on a roof in Las Vegas.

Mini Kilt

If it’s Bachelorette Party garb you’re after, then look no further. Whether for Traditions sake or just to stand out amongst the crowd, the Mini Kilt Package is the perfect place to start for Bachelorette Party shenanigans. Unfortunately in this case, all traditional Bachelorette Party accessories are most certainly NOT included.

Celtic Tri-Knot Hip Flask

Whether for the Bachelor party or the wedding itself, sometimes a flask is called for. But we don’t believe your flask should hide. We’ve designed the Celtic Tri-Knot Hip Flask so you can celebrate in style.

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