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Kilt Packages


We offer kilt outfit packages in several styles depending on the type of event you’ve got planned. Each Celtic tartan kit includes all the gear you’ll need in one place, at a discount.

Formal Kilt Package – perfect for weddings, formal occasions, black tie events, and dressing to the 9’s.

Highland Kilt Package – A versatile kilt outfit that can be worn just about anywhere.  A great ensemble for parties, gatherings, to nights out on the town.  Can be dressed up easily by putting on a coat or tie.

Original Kilt Package – a favorite of Highland Athletes needing a kilt and the basic accessories to get started, as well as being great for sports.

St. Patrick Package – essential kilt party gear for the big day in March, because wearing kilt always makes the day more fun for you and everyone around.

Great Kilt Package – some people like the look of the ancient kilt that was worn centuries ago before the standardized kilt came along in the 1600’s.  Takes a lot more effort to wear, but luckily we made a video showing how to pleat and wear your Great Kilt.


Kilt Outfit Packages are a one-stop solution to get everything you need to look sharp.


The #1 accessory to wear with a kilt is the “sporran” (pouch) that hangs in front and holds all your valuables.  It  gives the kilt an even more authentic look, as well as being highly practical.

The #2 accessory you’ll want is a pair of kilt hose, or socks. Kilt hose typically go over the calf and have a 2-4″ cuff at the top.

Other accessories in your Celtic tartan kit let people know you put some serious thought into your outfit.

Flashes are elastic garters that hold your socks up, and have two matching tartan tassels.  The tartan tassels extend down below the cuff for extra style points.

Kilt pins go on the opening side of the kilt, through the top layer of fabric.  They are often sword themed, and add shiny metal decoration to your kilt.

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