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Premium Scottish Wool

Premium Scottish Tartan Wool, woven in Scotland!

While we can’t stock the thousands of registered tartans, we’re doing the next best thing which is partnering with one of the oldest mills in Scotland to provide hundreds of Scottish Clan, Irish County, and Scottish District tartans.  We can also get Rare and Ancient tartans that are lesser known, but no less beautiful.

When you find the tartan you like from this category, we order just enough premium mid-weight wool from the mill to make the kilt to your specs.  We can also add custom features like leather buckle straps to the opening side, sewn down pleats, fringe, pockets and belt loops, should you choose.

Once your material arrives, usually 2 weeks from when you place your order, it goes to our skilled craftsmen and women in our kilt making facility here in Utah, where we custom make each Scottish wool kilt to your specs with the utmost care. Our expert sewing staff choose the most pleasing pattern to pleat the kilt, and pleat it to the sett or stripe, depending on the repeat size of the tartan, and what looks best to us.

We’ll make your Premium Scottish Wool kilt in either the Original Sport Kilt, Works Kilt, or Ultimate Kilt. You can also have us leave our Sport Kilt logo off of the kilt upon request should you have more formal occasions in mind.

We love seeing tartans that we’ve never made before, and we’ve made quite a few men’s wool kilts we never thought we’d see, and they all turn out amazing.

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