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Rare Scottish Clan Tartan Sport Kilt


We’ll make your favorite tartan out of 100% pure wool imported from Scotland.  Over 700 rare and ancient tartans available. Please Allow 4-6 Weeks.

Rare Scottish Clan Tartan Choice *

Waist Measurement in Actual Inches (not pants size) *

Using a measuring tape, wrap it around your waist where you'd like the top of your kilt to sit. Don't hold in your stomach!. Usually this measurement is larger than the waist-size of your pants. You might consider giving yourself an extra inch, or so, for comfort. That will be the ideal waist measurement to order.

Remember, it will be easier for YOU to adjust one that's a little too large, but one that's too small might be a job for Slim Fast.

Please Note: We cannot accept returns or exchanges on any custom made garment. Measure carefully!

Sewn-Down Pleats

All Sport Kilts are pleated, but you can give your kilt that custom fitted shape with a leaner profile by having us sew down the pleats.

The first 4-5 inches of pleats (measured from the waistband) are sewn down along the knife edge of the pleat (vertically). This provides a more refined look and makes for easier care and pressing.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot accept returns for customized goods, i.e., belt loops, sewn pleats, custom length. Please make sure of your measurements!

Buckle Closure

You can add two 1" wide black leather straps and nickle-plated buckles to the opening end of your Sport Kilt. A functional, traditional looking adjustable double strap.

While all Sport Kilts are secured with Velcro at the waistband, you can give your kilt that custom look (and added security) by adding buckles and straps.

Also note: If you opt for the Buckles and straps, we HIGHLY recommend adding the sewn-down-pleats option as they compliment each other.

Also, it is best to hand wash (or dry clean) your kilt with leather straps.

Important: We cannot accept returns for customized goods, i.e., belt loops, sewn-down pleats, custom length, fringe, or buckles. Please be precise with measurements!

Belt Loops

Although you don't need a belt to hold up your kilt, we'll be glad to add 'em so you can wear your favorite belt.

Belt loops can also be used to thread your sporran "chain-belt" through. This is the traditional use of belt loops on a kilt.

TIP: Belt Loop size should be at least 1/4" larger than the belt width in order to have room for the belt hardware, e.g., the keeper.

Please note: We cannot accept returns for customized goods, i.e., belt loops, sewn pleats, custom length. Please measure carefully!


Now you can have the opening side of your Sport Kilt fringed for extra flair! We cut a panel of tartan, sew it to the opening side, and comb it out to match the tartan. Gives the kilt a more formal/renaissance look.


Now you can have us add 2 hidden side pockets to your Sport Kilt. You won't even know they're there unless you're looking for them, or you've got your hands in your pockets.

A great custom option for those that have to have pockets on their kilts!

Please allow us a couple of days to customize your kilt with pockets before your order ships.

Length *

Use a measuring tape, instead of using your pant size. This will determine your waist measurement.

The ideal kilt length: While kneeling, measure from the top of your waist (where you'd wear your kilt) to the floor. Some say your kilt should just brush against the ground when you are kneeling. Of course personal preference is the rule! Have it YOUR way.

Note: Boulder and Commando kilts tend to sit higher on the waist (more like a traditional kilt) than our standrard Sport Kilts. Therefore, you may want to add an extra inch or two in length to compensate. If in doubt, be assured that ninety five percent of the time, our standard length of 22.5 inches will fit most people, fine.

Please Note: We cannot accept returns for customized goods, i.e., belt loops, sewn pleats, custom length. Measure carefully, please!

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Scottish Tartan Sport Kilts!

Made to your specs out of 100% pure Scottish Wool in your favorite tartan.

First, select the tartan you want, then the size Sport Kilt needed, and any custom features you want added to your kilt.

Next, we start building your kilt as soon as the material gets to us from the mill in Scotland.

All Rare Scottish Tartan kilts are made in a fine, premium, 12-13oz mediumweight wool.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery

Available in these tartans:

Abercrombie Anc

Abercrombie Mod
Agnew Anc
Anderson Mtd
Anderson Mod
Angus Mod
Arbuthnott Anc
Armstrong Anc
Austin, Keith, Marshall Anc
Baillie Anc
Baillie of Polkemmet Red Mod
Baird Anc
Barclay Dress Mtd
Barclay Htg Ancient
Birrell Anc
Bisset Anc
Blair Anc
Blair Mod
Blairlogie Mod
Borthwick Mod
Bowie Anc
Boyd Mod
Boyd Anc
Brodie Htg Mod
Brodie Red Mod
Bruce Mod
Buchanan Mod Large Sett Variant
Buchanan Mtd Large Sett Variant
Buchanan Htg Mtd
Buchanan Htg Anc 1955 Variant
Buchanan Mtd MacGregor Hastie Vrnt
Burnett Anc
Burnett Mod
Burns Mod
Caledonia Anc
Caledonia Mod
Cameron Clan Mtd
Cameron Clan Anc
Cameron Htg Anc
Cameron Htg Mtd
Cameron of Lochiel Red Mod
Cameron Black and Red Dress Mod
Campbell of Cawdoe Mod
Campbell of Argyll Mtd
Campbell of Breadalbane Anc
Campbell of Loudoun Anc
Campbell of Loudon Mod
Campbell Red Mtd
Campbell of Lochawe Mod
Carmichael Mod
Carmichael Anc
Carnegie Mod
Carnegie Anc
Carrick Htg Mod
Chisholm Htg Mod
Chisholm Anc 1842 Variant
Chisholm Htg Mtd
Christie Anc
Clark Mod
Clergy Mtd
Cochrane Anc
Cochrane Mod
Cockburn Anc
Cockburn Mod
Chattan Clan Anc
Colquhoun Anc
Connell Mod
Cooper Anc
Cooper Mod
Craig Anc
Cranston Dress Mtd
Cranstoun Anc
Crawford Anc
Crawford Mtd
Culloden Mtd
Cumming Htg Mod
Cumming and Glenorchy Anc
Cumming or Comyn Anc
Cunningham Mtd
Dalziel Mod
Dalziel Anc
Davidson Mod
Davidson Anc 1850 Variant
Davidson of Tulloch Mod
Douglas Green Mtd
Douglas Grey Anc
Dummond Anc 1842 Variant
Drummond of Perth Anc
Drummond of Perth Mod
Drummond Grey
Dunbar Mod
Dunbar District Anc
Dunblane District Anc 1729 Variant
Duncan Anc
Dundas Mod
Dunlop Mod
Dyce Anc
Elliot Anc
Erskine Htg Mod
Erskine Red Anc
Erskine Black and White
Farquaharson Mod
Farquarson Anc 1842 Variant
Ferguson Old Anc
Ferguson of Balquhidder Anc
Fletcher Anc
Forbes Mod
Forbes Ancient Anc
Forbes Anc 1842 Variant
Forsyth Anc 1991 Variant
Forsyth Anc
Forsyth Mod
Fraser of Lovat Mod Old & Rare Variant
Fraser Stewart of Atholl Mod
Fraser of Altyre Mtd
Fraser Gathering Htg Mod
Fraser Gathering Red Anc
Fraser Red Anc
Fraser Red Mod Highland Soc of London Vrnt
Fraser of Lovat Mtd Wilson’s Variant
Gallowater Old Anc
Galloway Htg Mod
Galloway Red Mod
Gillies Mod
Glasgow City of Mtd
Gordon Anc 1842 Variant
Gow Mod
Graham of Menteith Mod
Graham of Montrose Anc 1815 Vrnt
Graham of Montrose Mtd
Grant Htg Anc
Grant Red Anc
Bruce or Grant New Mod
Grant of Rothiemurchus Mod
Gunn Anc 1842 Variant
Gray Htg Anc
Guthrie Mod
Hamilton Red Mtd
Hamilton Red Mod
Hamilton Htg Mod
Hay Mod
Hay or Leith Mod
Henderson Mod
Henderson Mtd
Hepburn Mtd
Home or Hume Anc
Huntly District Mod
Inglis Mod
Inglis Anc
Innes Red Mod
Innes Red Mtd
Inverness Mod 1831 Variant
Irvine Mtd
Irvine Mod
Jacobite Mod
Jardine Dress Mod
Johnstone Mod
Johnstone Mtd
Austin, Keith, Marshall Mod
Kennedy Mtd
Kerr Red Mtd
Kerr Htg Anc
Kilgour Mtd
Kincaid Anc
Lamont Mtd
Lamont Mod
Lauder Anc
Lennox Mtd
Leslie Red Mod
Leslie Red Mtd
Leslie Htg Mod
Leslie Htg Mtd
Lindsay Mtd
Livingston Mtd
Livingston Mod
Lochaber Old Anc
Logan Mod
MacAlister Mod 1810 Variant
MacAlister Anc
MacAlpine Mtd
MacAlpine Mod
MacArthur Anc
MacAulay Red Mod
MacAulay Red Anc
MacAulay Htg Mtd
MacBean Mod
MacBean Anc
MacBeth Mod
MacCallum Anc
MacCallum Anc 1800 Variant
MacColl Anc
MacColl Mod
MacDiarmid Anc
MacDonald of Sleat Mod
MacDonald of Clanranald Mtd
MacDonald Dress Anc
MacDonald Lord of the Isles Htg Anc
MacDonald Lord of the Isle Red Anc
MacDonald of Boisdale Mod
MacDonald of Glenaladale Mod
MacDonald of Kingsburgh Anc
MacDonald of Glencoe Mtd
MacDonald of the Isles Mod
MacDonald Flora Anc
MacDonnell of Glengarry Mod Mackay No 4 Vrnt
MacDonnell of Glengarry Anc
MacDonnell of Glengarry Mod
MacDonnell of Keppoch Anc 1847 Variant
MacDonald of Staffa Anc
MacDonald of Staffa Mod
MacDougall Mod
Macdougall Mtd
MacConnell Mod
MacDuff Red Mod
MacDuff Mtd 1842 Variant
MacDuff Htg Anc
MacEwan Anc
MacFadyen Mod
MacFadzean Anc
MacFarlane Red Mod
MacFarlane Htg Mod
MacGillivray Anc
MacGillivray Mod
MacGregor of Balquhidder Mtd
MacGregor Rob Roy Mod
MacHardy Mod
MacHardy Anc
MacInnes Htg Mod
MacInnes Htg Mtd
MacInnes Red Mtd
MacInroy Mod
MacIntosh Anc Artifact
MacKintosh Moy Hall Plaid Mod
MacIntosh Red Mtd
MacIntosh Htg Mod
MacKintosh Mtd 1821 Variant
MacIntyre Htg Mtd
Glenorchy and MacIntyre Mtd
MacIver Mod
MacIver Mtd
MacKay Mod
MacKay,Morgan Blue Anc
MacKay of Strathnaver Weathered
MacKellar Mod
MacKenzie Bailey Anc
MacKinlay Anc
MacKinnon Anc
MacKinnon Mod 1842 Variant
MacKinnon Htg Anc
MacLachlan Mtd
MacLachlan Old & Rare Anc
MacLachlan Old & Rare Mtd
MacLaine of Lochbuie Red Mtd
MacLaine of Lochbuie Htg Anc
MacLaren Mtd
MacLaren Anc 1819 Variant
MacLean of Duart Red Mod
MacLean of Duart Red Mtd
MacLean of Duart Htg Mod
MacLean of Duart Htg Mtd Large Sett Variant
MacLellan Anc
MacLennan, Logan Mod
MacLeod of Lewis Dress Mtd
MacLeod of Raasay Mod
MacLeod Htg Mod
MacLeod Red Mod
MacLintock Mod
MacMillan Dress Mtd
MacMillan Htg Mod
MacMillan Old Mod
MacMillan Old Anc
MacNab Mod 1842 Variant
MacNab Anc 1819 Variant
MacNaughton Mod
MacNeil Old & Rare Anc
MacNeil of Colonsay Mod
MacNeil of Colonsay Anc
MacPhail Mtd
MacPhail Htg Anc
MacPhee Mtd
MacPhee Mod
MacPhee Anc
MacPherson Red Cluny Mod
MacPherson of Cluny Mod
MacPherson Red Mtd
MacQuarrie Mod
MacQuarrie Mtd 1815 Variant
MacQueen Mtd
MacRae Red Mod
MacRae Red Mtd
MacRae Htg Mod
MacRae Htg Mtd
MacSporran Anc
MacTaggart Mod
MacTavish Mod 1850 Variant
MacTavish Anc
MacThomas Anc
Malcolm Mod
Manx Laxey Anc
Manx Htg Anc
Mar Tribe of Anc
Mathieson Red Mod
Mathieson Red Mtd
Mathieson Htg Mod
Maxwell Mtd
Maxwell Mod
Melville Mod
Menzies Htg Mtd
Menzies Red and Black
Middleton Mod
Galbraith, Mitchell or Russell Mod
Moncrieffe Mtd
Montgomery Anc 1815 Variant
Montgomery Blue Mod
Morrison Htg Mod
Morrison Red Mtd
Morrison Red Mod
Mowat Anc
Muir Anc
Muir Mod
Munro Mtd
Munro Mod
Murray of Elibank Anc
Murray of Tulliebardine Mod
Murray of Tulliebardine Mtd
Napier Mod
Nicholson Anc
Nicolson Mtd
Nicolson Mod
MacNicol, Nicolson Htg Anc
Nisbet Mtd
Nisbet Mod
Nova Scotia Anc
Ogilvie Htg Mod
Ogilvie Old and Rare Anc
Ogilvie Anc
Oliphant Mod
Oliphant Anc
Prince of Wales Mod
Ramsay Red Mod
Ramsay Blue Mod
Rattray Anc
Renwick Anc
Robertson of Struan Anc
Robertson Red Mtd
Robertson Mod 1842 Variant
Rollo Anc
Rose Red Mod
Rose Red Mtd
Rose Htg Anc
Ross Red Mtd
Ross Red Mod 1842 Variant
Ross Htg Anc
Rothesay Htg Mtd
Royal Canadian Air Force
Ruthven Mod
Scott Htg Mtd
Scott Sir Walter Mod
Scott Green Mtd
Scott Red Mtd
Scott Red Mod
Scrymgeour Mtd
Seton Mod
Seton Mtd
Seton Htg Mtd
Shaw Anc
Shaw Mod
Shaw of Tordarroch Mod
Shaw of Tordarroch Htg Anc
Sinclair Red Mtd
Sinclair Red Mod
Sinclair Htg Anc 1844 Variant
Sinclair Htg Mod
Skene Mod
Smith Mod
Smith Mtd
Somerville Anc
Stevenson Mod
Stephenson Anc
Stewart of Appin Red Mtd
Stewart of appin Red Mod
Stewart of Appin Mtd 1842 Variant
Stewart of Appin Htg Mod
Stewart of Atholl Mtd
Stewart of Atholl Mod
Stuart of Bute Mtd
Stewart of Ardshiel Mod
Stewart of Fingask Mod
Stewart of Galloway Mod
Stewart Old Mtd
Stewart Old Mod
Stuart Prince Charles Edward Mod 1810 Vrnt
Stewart royal Anc
Stone of Destiny Mtd
Strathearn District Mod
Strathearn District Mtd
Sutherland Old Anc 1842 Variant
Sutherland Old Mod 1842 Variant
Tara Murphy Mod
Taylor Anc
Thompson Grey Mtd
Thompson Htg Mtd
Turnbull Dress Mod
Turnbull Htg Anc
Ulster District Weathered
Ulster District Mod
Urquhart Mtd
Urquhart Anc
Urquhart Mod Broad Red Variant
Wallace Red Mtd
Wallace Htg Mtd
Watson Anc
Watson Mod
Weir Mod
Welsh National Anc
Wemyss Mod
Wilson Mtd
Wotherspoon Mod
Young Mod
Gordon Huntly Mtd

11 reviews for Rare Scottish Clan Tartan Sport Kilt

  1. Nick Olson

    Any new tartan for the O’lson clan? 😉

    (Seriously though, I have 3 Sport Kilts and enjoy them all.)

  2. Craig Beesley (verified owner)

    I am second generation Manx in the U.S.. My wife’s cousin was being married in Wisconsin last year and to honor his mother who had passed sometime ago, he was wearing a kilt with the family tartan. He encouraged all like minded kilt wearers to join in. I honored my family with the Laxey Manx kilt and it was perfect. Fit great and a lot of conversations concerning the origin of the tartan. It was my fourth Sport Kilt. Keep doing a great job!

  3. Casey

    I got my boys our tartan in a custom kilt for my youngest sons wedding and they looked FANTASTIC!! Not only was the tartan spot on as it came from a mill in Scotland, but the workmanship was superb!!! We have gotten many things from Sports Kilt but this is by far and away our favorite!!

  4. Tartan Perogi

    Family Tartan Worn Proudly
    I finally got my family tartan in a Sport Kilt to wear to my Games throughout Canada, the USA and Europe. WOW it’s so awesome, my family is so proud. There was, however, an oopsie in the construction but Sport Kilt was all over it and put a plan in place for the oopsie to be fixed. They made it excessively simple to get the kilt back to them and a great plan to get it back to me ASAP. Thank you to JAMES for his hard work, kindness and patience with a frustrated old lady… Sport Kilt rocks in both the quality of their products and the quality of their staff!

  5. usmcuav

    Rare Scottish Kilt
    I am extremely pleases with the kilt I purchased. The quality is excellent and the fit is perfect. You cannot get a better price for a Kilt in the US.

  6. Haggis Lover

    Great investment
    I ordered a custom tartan so it took a little longer to get–but well worth it! Great fit and very comfortable. In the first month having it, I’ve worn it to dozens of events and it still looks brand new. Good quality. Can’t beat the price from some of the other places I’ve seen.

  7. Lochbuie Lt.

    Love it
    I already have 3 other kilts; bought a Maclaine of Lochbuie sport kilt, love the lighter weight, pockets, and Velcro. A very nice, comfortable, casual kilt!

  8. Gary

    Ancient MacLachlan Kilt
    I am really pleased with my new Sportkilt in MacLachlan Ancient (faded) tartan. I believe this to be closely representative of what the clan wore at Culloden. It”s my 4th Sportskilt over the years and favorite one yet!

  9. mikeramsey

    Rare Scottish Tartan Sport Kilt
    Having purchased several products from Sport Kilt in the past, I am a little disappointed in the quality of the Ramsay Red kilt I purchased. The tartan material is good quality, and the price of the kilt was good, but it looks like the construction was done in a hurry. There are loose threads at several locations, and a frayed hole where the buckle fastens. In general, the fit and finish of the kilt is lower than I have experienced on other products from Sport Kilt and other kilts I own.

  10. Jes

    Solid kilt
    I oedered a kilt to wear with my pipe band. Good fit swing and drape are accurate. Bery happy with this purchase.

  11. Highlander

    An Excellent Exprience
    The purchase went without ta flaw. The web page was easy to use. There was a nice choice of tartans
    which are not always available at other companies. My kilt was of high quality and it fit perfectly. I certainly would recommend SportKilt to anyone in the market to buy their products.

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