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Highland Shirts




Going for that Highlander, Braveheart or Renaissance look? Complete your outfit with one of our Highland Shirts!

Each Highland shirt comes with a medieval style leather lace up collar.  Most people give the ends of the leather on their kilt shirt a tug, then let it hang down. Rarely have we seen these actually tied in a knot.

Ghillie shirts are ideal to wear with your Sport Kilt for a renaissance-style look. Generous cut and medieval style leather lace-up collar.

Available in Black, and Natural (off-white). Made from a very comfortable wrinkle resistant material.  Since back in the day there was no bleach to make a highland shirt pure white, the natural color is more common than white for historical re-enactors.

Size note: Usually, if you wear a size Large Sport Kilt, you’ll fit just right in our size large Highland Shirt and so on.

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