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The Original Sport Kilt

The kilt that started the Casual-Kilt revolution!


The Original Sport Kilt is a versatile, modern kilt that takes styling cues from the centuries old Scottish kilt.  Modern material is utilized for comfort and function, making it practical to wear almost anywhere.

Available in 70+ tartans of yarn-dyed, woven fabric.  Modern poly/rayon material resists wrinkling, holds a pleat well, and is not itchy like some wool kilts can be.  This special material is durable yet comfortable, holds a pleat well, and is machine washable.

Wearing a kilt for the first time is easy, and a lot of fun.  Just wrap it around, get the flat front panel (or apron) centered in the front, drop your trousers, and you're wearing a kilt!

Each Original Sport Kilt comes with:

  • Secure Velcro Closure
  • Inside Stash pocket
  • Elastic waistband for adjustability
  • Exclusive poly blend material (65/35 poly/rayon)
  • Made in the USA!

Created in 1995 by a father and son, and a desire to have a kilt for wearing after bike races.  Word quickly spread through out the cycling community, and then caught on with the Highland Games community.  The athletes wanted a comfortable, athletic kilt to compete in, and the Sport Kilt was perfect.  Since then, thousands of others have found perfect uses for the Sport Kilt. Check out our Wall of Fame to see how versatile they can be.


Sizing and Ordering Tips:


Old-school traditional kilts are typically worn around the belly button, however since this is a modern Sport Kilt, most of our customers wear them around the belt line where you would wear pants or shorts.  Your pants size is usually 2-4″ smaller than your actual waist measurement.  This is why we recommend using a measuring tape if you have the ability.  It doesn't hurt to let us know your actual waist measurement in the order notes when checking out, we can tailor the kilt to fit you better before it leaves our shop.

You can add custom features to the Original Sport Kilt if you like. Sewn Down Pleats is our favorite customization, it give s the kilt a better look where the pleats break apart lower down on the kilt, makes it lay flatter across your backside, and easier to care for.  Other customizations we offer include: Leather Buckle Straps and metal buckles, Belt Loops, Fringe, and Pockets

Velcro kilts for men without customization typically ship within 1-2 business days.  Adding custom features adds 3-7 days for our crew to customize your kilt.

Typical turnaround time with ground shipping is 7-10 days, and quicker with express shipping.

Kilts with a longer Custom Hem Length will take about 7-10 days to build since longer than stock length kilts are made from scratch.

Sport Kilts use between 4-6 continuous yards of material in each kilt, most of which is used on the pleat, and in the overlap in the flat front section.  This is enough material to wrap around you several times were it not for the pleats, and the generous overlap in the front.  Size Small / Medium is $69.50 Medium Long / Large is $79.50, XL is $89.50, XXL is $99.50 due to the extra yard of material we use for each additional size.

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