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Black Watch Original Sport Kilt


Sport Kilt, Black Watch

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Motto: Nemo me impune  lacessit (No one provokes me with impunity)

Black Watch is one of the most famous, and popular, tartans ever, recognized the world over.

In 1725 the Black Watch was formed by companies from Clans Campbell, Fraser, Munro and Grant with their warrior natures to guard and protect the Highlands, and authorized to wear their Black Watch tartan fabric kilt and bear arms.

Known as an ‘open tartan’, a Black Watch kilt is perfectly acceptable for all to wear at Highland Clan gatherings, regardless of Clan affiliation.

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53 reviews for Black Watch Original Sport Kilt


    I received this kilt in a magical tartan box…per usual. The contents included my kilt, stickers and a happy note. Wearing this kilt, I noticed the sun shone brighter, the birds sang sweeter, and the wind blew…upper? Great air conditioning unit for such a humid, hot summer we’ve had this year. My hat is off to the masterful fingers that produce such wonderful gear.

  2. Redwoods Kilt

    Sport Kilt
    Very comfortable with a perfect fit. The workmanship and finished kilt are very nicely done. I recommend your kilt to anyone that wants to wear a kilt.

  3. Turtle123

    Great gift
    This was a gift and my friend absolutely loved it.. the whole ordering process was great.. I look forward in ordering again in the future. I will highly recommend sport kilt to my friends. Thank you

  4. Scotslad39

    Excellent Service
    This Black Watch tartan Sport Kilt was the second purchase. If I hadn’t enjoyed my first, there wouldn’t have been the second! LOL . I ordered the Black Watch ’cause it is the former Clan Grant Hunting Tartan, which became a Regimental Tartan by order of a Scottish King in 1759. I ordered it in hopes of wearing it to the Portland (Oregon) Highland Games & Gathering, and the promised delivery time met the schedule and I was able to proudly march in the Parade of Clans !!

  5. James Pius


  6. TexasChef67

    My first kilt, and I love it.
    Being from Texas, where the kilt is recognized as acceptable mens attire but rarely seen. This kilt works well as my “breaking in” to it being normal attire for me.

  7. Charles Burton

    Easy Ordering
    Having purchased my first Sport Kilt a year ago, with much ease, I decided to get a 2nd kilt because of the quality, customer service follow up, and the confidence I gained with the service. I expect this new kilt from Sport Kilt will be another go-to when I wish to add some class to meetings and parties I attend.

  8. SweetKilt

    The Best Kilt you will ever own
    I purchased the Black Watch Sport Kilt to participate in a hike across the Scottish Highlands at the 2018 Cateran Yomp. We actually hiked with active duty Black Watch members from the 4/5. Some said that I would regret wearing the kilt because I would get chaffing. I wore the Sport Kilt for 54 gruelling miles across the Scottish highlands. I finished in 20 hours and 11 minutes with NO CHAFFING. I need to send the kilt back to bring in the inseam because I ordered it slightly too large, but it still felt great. I ordered the kilt with pleats, pockets and nylon straps.

    Thank you Sport Kilt!!! I will be posting photos soon!

  9. Long tall woman

    Sport Kilt Purchase
    This is the 2nd kilt we have purchased from Sport Kilt. They are of good quality. The first one I ordered I failed to review the watch the video on how to measure for your correct size. Sport Kilt was more than happy to take it back and made sure it fit. The second kilt fit perfect the first time! We are very happy with these 2 kilts and would highly recommend them!

  10. Krazy8

    Tough Team Colors
    Our paintball team has been using the Black Watch Sport Kilt since 2004.
    The sport of paintball tends to destroy clothing. Between the dirt, the paint and the harsh environments we play in, regular clothing just does not stand a chance.

    Every game day brings the usual questions, smiles and jokes. Of course I love the attention!

    Photographers love to take pictures of a player in a kilt…did I mention the attention I get?

    Paintballs bounce off the kilt like a shield…so amazing!

    The patch on the waistband gets regular views as I tell the curious where they can get a kilt of their own.

    I still have and regularly wear my first Black Watch purchased in 2004.

    If you want tough, flexible, stain resistant and breathable…buy an Original Sport Kilt.

    Thank you so much for your products and your support throughout the years. I would buy more…but they simply don’t need to be replaced!

  11. Teen in a kilt

    Such a good buy
    Very good product. I went with the blackwatch tartan since they didn’t have mine and black watch is an open tartan. I got the kilt before the expected date and I wear it whenever I can.

  12. Clanpollock2052

    Heritage expression
    I was very nervous to buy a kilt since I’m still in high school. I tried to find my tartan (Pollock), but couldn’t find it on any website so I picked an open tartan and my local pipeband suggested sport kilt. I love my kilt and wear it as much as I can to get a real hold on my Scottish ancestry.

  13. Kilts4Freedom

    Fast & Fun Change
    This kilt is fast and simple to put on. One of the other features is it is even quicker to take off ;>) The sewn down pleats keep it looking good all the time. I think the extra option of pockets is a must.

  14. No clan a man

    Why aren’t more men wearing kilts?
    The kilt is great. Very comfortable and easy to wear. The lack of pockets in kind of annoying. A man purse or fanny pack are out of the question. I just carry less when I wear the kilt. I find the hiking kilt a bit easier to maintain. The material requires less care. Overall really happy with both kilts


    ladies love it
    i have been wearing my dads old kilt for a few years and just recently bought my own goes great with boots and a punk vest or a t-shirt and chucks one of the best purchases i have ever made DONT HESITATE TO GET YOUR OWN

  16. DustyDave

    Loved it so much I got another
    This product was the first kilt I purchased for a wedding and due to an fortunate laundry incident with one of our adults-in-learning I’m replacing it with an identical Black Watch. Light enough but good for office use
    Also recommend getting some of those large laundry bags… and not letting kids use bleach. Ever

  17. Bjarard

    Excellent product. I had earlier sent them tartan wool ordered from Scotland and they did a great job of making a kilt at a great price.

  18. ScoutMom

    Perfectly Sporty
    Ordered for my 16 year old teenager who participated in a Scout highland game themed camp. It was easy to pack and held it’s shape, which made for nice pictures. The fit and function during the games couldn’t have been better. The light weight was also perfect for the Florida heat. We would definitely repurchase!

  19. Kodiac Josh

    Good Kilt, Hardly worth the price
    I’ll start by saying that it’s hard to find a kilt that will fit me, so kudos on having a kilt that goes on fat guys. It’s a decent kilt that gets plenty of compliments, but my problems come to it being suboptimal quality. After only 1 washing, the fabric began to ball up and the velcro became loose, which is disappointing, considering the $140 price tag. I’ll most likely buy another, but only because my other option is to not wear a kilt, and I’m not ready to go back to that kind of life.

  20. Vince

    I got this kilt for Christmas, and loved it ever since. Comfy, stylish and easy to care for. I’m looking forward to wearing it over the summer for camping and hiking. I’ve worn it in heavy rain, and my kilt was dry before the rest of my clothes! I would recommend Sport Kilt to anyone wanting an awesome kilt for outdoor adventures

  21. Red

    Excellent Company/Product
    I ordered, for the first time, a kilt for my son for Christmas. I was amazed how quickly the item was received, and beautiful, it was! Only problem, was I had ordered the incorrect size, it seemed. No problem at all…I contacted the company, explained my problem, heard back the very next day. The return was made, and my son had his proper size sent back out, all within days! The customer service was as excellent as I could have asked for. No issues, no hassles, quality service and product!

  22. Robert

    Good kilt, good service
    The kilt came with plenty of time to spare. The kilt itself is durable, and holds its shape well. Would buy it again.

  23. Duke

    My nephew loves it!
    I bought a Black Watch Sport Kilt as a birthday gift for my 12-year old nephew. He had it on in seconds of opening the box. He does a lot of running, jumping and storming of castles in his Sport Kilt, and it has held up well and still looks good. His mom appreciates the fact that it’s machine washable.

  24. Corey Roark

    The Best Dang Kilt Ever!!!
    I love it. This is the beast kilt to have. So quick and easy, its mind blowing!!

  25. Shawn

    Exactly as described
    I needed the kilt for a stage show so it had to be secure but able to move and handle some intense dancing. Plus, as someone who is hard to fit and extremely fussy about my clothes, I had concerns about ordering a completely untested product online. I’m thrilled with the fit. It arrived exactly as described and fits beautifully. The length is great. The elastic waist is a great asset for the movement needs. Highly recommend this product.

  26. John

    Great for activities involving dust, dirt and sweat!
    Great value and perfect for daily wear. Lightweight and easy to put on, take off and stow. This is actually my second Sport Kilt. The first I bought many years ago. It was great but this one is much improved. The velco is better placed and having extra options like belt loops and sewn pleats is great. This makes the kilt look like a kilt (rather than a skirt) and hold its shape better.

    I have a formal wool kilt that I wear on special occasions but for Festivals, Games, Hashing and activities that involve dust, dirt and sweat the Sport Kilt can’t be beat.

    The only thing I can think of to gripe about is the lack of “off the shelf” family tartans. Still, for the price and quality its a small thing and there are plenty of universal designs to choose from.

    I’m serving in Iraq and wear mine back and forth to the showers. It gets some crazy looks but its much more comfortable and easy to manage than PT shorts.


  27. Terrell Brown

    Soft and comfortable.
    Sport Kilt is wonderful. Their Kilts are professionally made and handled. Even the way it is folded and boxed means it is ready to wear right out of the box. My Black Watch Sport Kilt looks and feels great. Very soft, very comfortable. This is my second Sport Kilt and right now there is no other place I want to go for my Kilt needs.

  28. Jason

    Thanks for the help
    The kilt itself was perfect. Thank you to the staff for working with me to get this in time for my event.

  29. Walter H

    Excellent work!
    First off, I have to say the quality of the kilt is phenomenal. It’s comfortable, it’s really well made, and the material is great! Not only that, but I ordered it on a Monday, and it was waiting for me at home on that Friday. Great work, guys! Definitely be coming back for another one in the future!

  30. Russ Wood

    Comfort and Function
    Amazingly comfortable…Wore it in a 5k Easter Weekend…Will be wearing it during Warrior Dash Southeast in May 2010..Great product, quality at a fantastic price.

    You really have to have the kilt in hand, put it on, and wear it to truly appreciate it’s comfort and quality.

    Good On Ya Guys!!

  31. Lorraine

    Sport Kilt Fan
    My son loves wearing his kilt for Irish Dance. He says it is more comfortable than pants, shorts or sweats! He is constantly receving compliments on his authentic kilt attire. We had it special ordered to fit. It arrived exactly as we ordered and when we were promised, THANK YOU SPORT KILT!

  32. Brandon A. McCluskey

    In less than 24hours I got a Kilt!
    Dear Seamus & Clan,
    I needed a Kilt for next week St. Patricks Day for a Bagpipe gig I am doing and I haven’t a kilt in quite a while. In less than 24 Hours I got a Kilt after I did the overnight shipping and I couldn’t be happier. It’s quality! It’s comfort! It is a true Kilt and I am proud to wear it. My Great Grandfather was in the Black Watch during WWI and I am proud to wear this Kilt in his honor. Thanks for the great service and turn around time. I will be ordering more from you guys soon and I am so happy I found you guys on the net. For all that were involved in my order Thank you and Have a Great Holiday.
    Brandon A. McCluskey

  33. Peter

    I Looked Stunning!
    Thanks for the quick delivery turn around! This kilt looks as good as the ones I used to rent. Since the cost is about the same, I come out way ahead. Now I have to think of other occasions to wear it.

  34. Karen

    Love the Kilt
    I ordered a kilt for my husband for a gift. It came and he tried it on. It was too big. I returned the kilt for another size. Sport Kilt exchanged the kilt and sent the new one within a week. They are very helpful, professional, responsive and easy to work with. The kilt fits well and looks great.

  35. Dee Charles

    My husband loves his kilt
    I bought this as a gift for my husband and he has hardly taken it off since Christmas. It is exactly what he wanted. Thank you!

  36. Tracy

    Awesome Kilt
    The website does this kilt no justice! The color is even better when you get it home.

  37. Dan R

    Exactly what I wanted!
    I found Sportkilt online after much searching and shopping local stores. I wanted a high quality kilt, with a simple fitting system. The fabric is heavy and of outstanding quality and the waistband and attachment work perfectly, without feeling like its going to fall down.
    The customer service was also outstanding. I highly recommend these guys and will be back again when the time comes!

  38. Robert ALI

    I love my kilt and chicks love it more!
    The first thing I noticed, it felt incredibly comfortable. I used a matching sash which makes a huge difference. The reactions I got from my friends and coworkers was really positive. I love the fact that it is modern and practical but still respects the classic look. I am also proud it is made in the USA and that I lived in Long Beach close to where they are made. For a first time kilt this is really cool.

  39. Mark

    Great kilt!
    Really nice kilt. I like the hidden pockets. Perfect summer wear. I’d like to see a heavy, warmer wool version for those of us that live in colder climates.


  40. JW Crow

    this is a gem
    This kilt feels fantastic and fits like a glove. I had the hem raised two inches and it looks perfect. If you spend a little time and money when you make your order, you’ll get exactly what you want and it’s worth it.

  41. Ken

    Fit right in at the Celtic Classic!
    I had been to the Celtic Classic (Bethlehem, PA) before and I always wanted a kilt. There are vendors there that sell kilts but they are very expensive. Even with the upgrades (fringe, sewn-down pleats, buckle closures) my Sport Kilt was a great price. The quality is also great. Thanks!

  42. Don Hayes

    Black Watch Sport Kilt
    Good service Kilt came just as advertised with the extra piece of velcro to adjust the extra length. Well made and comfy.

  43. Chai Ng

    Kilt-Black Watch(U) Sport Kilt
    Great kilt! I bought it for my husband who fractured his right leg and he really appreciate that……

  44. John S

    Exactly what I wnated at a fraction of the price.
    I was going on vacation in one week and wanted to take a Kilt. I had called other Kilt suppliers and there was a six week wait. Even with the modifications I wanted I got my Soprt Kilt delivered in time for my vacation and it was about 40%
    less than the other brand. It looked great, fit perfect and was what I wanted. It was a hit with all the women who wanted to know the answer to the big question. What does a man wear under his Kilt? Well the rest is a great memory.
    Thanks for my Black Watch Kilt.

  45. Manu BESSON

    My second one!
    I received it yesteday
    light,confortable and “usefull” !
    like we say here :”trop de la balle!!!”
    fast and serious!
    Thanks a lot!

  46. Ted toy

    A great Kilt
    This is my first Kilt and i couldn’t be happier. The Price was great, the service was fast, and the quality was just as good. I wore it to a local Celtic fest. and the reactions i got were worth the price! Even my skeptical wife said I looked Sexy…(perhaps they’re magical)
    Thanks for the great product!

  47. Michael

    Awesome product…great service!
    I am 100% satisfied with my Sport Kilt! Looks great, fits great, great quality! Arrived within a week of my order. Everyone should have at least one!

  48. Anonymous

    Real men wear kilts
    These kilts are wicked. I bought my kilt and other highlander dress for my wedding. It fits great and shipped fast. All of my groomsmen are getting kilts from Sport Kilt for the wedding.

  49. Eric

    No Joke
    Every time I wear this kilt I get laid

  50. Jack N Bussell

    I think the Kilt is great exxcept for the leather adjustment straps. I have been wearing the Kilt almost daily and have been meeting with many friends while wearing it. THe main problem is with keeping the leather straps properly buckled. The reason, I believe, is that the leather is too thin. As you already mentioned, you are going to order heavier leather for future kilts.

  51. Peggy

    SportKilt Review
    Ordered a mens’ small kilt for my son, who is 11 and approx. 5 ft tall. Kilt was a bit big in the waist (as expected) – I appreciated the extra velcro strip to customize the waist. But the kilt was also a touch too short – fine for now (worn loose to hang as low as possible) but he will not be able to grow into as I had hoped. Be sure to measure your length before ordering.

  52. H BOB

    rock on
    yeah, nice and easy website. Beautiful

  53. Joel D’Agostino

    My first kilt!
    I love this kilt, I can’t wait to wear out to the first trek to my friends camp… Sauna, bonfires, grilling, swimming and I get to try out my first kilt, thank you!

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