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Comfy Kilt

Go ahead, Relax in it! 


The Comfy Kilt was designed for maximum comfort, made with premium cotton flannel.

Wrap it around and hang out, wear it around the house, after work, or after the shower.

Wearing our lounging kilt is like wearing PJ’s without the hassle of stepping into flannel pants. Made of super-soft 100% cotton flannel, the hands-down most comfortable kilt in the world.

Cyclists, surfers and athletes love changing in and out of their gear in public with these; kilt aficionados love just lounging around in one.  Each Comfy kilt comes with an inside stash pocket. You can add pockets to this casual kilt outfit for your phone, remote control, and anything else you like to have nearby when relaxing.

Note: these comfy kilts are great for putting around the house, but we don’t recommend wearing them out in public. They feel great, but don’t hold a pleat as long as our Original Sport Kilts. If you’re going to be wearing your kilt out on the town, we strongly recommend the Original Sport Kilt. Unless you’re the type of person that wears PJ’s to the store, in which case, have at it!

Sizing and Ordering tips:


Typically ships from our location within 1-2 business days.  Customizations like pockets can add 3-5 days production time.  If you need to have this by a certain date, give us a call, or let us know in the “order notes” when you need it.  If we don’t have your size in stock when you place your order, we’ll build it for you as quickly as we can, usually 3-5 days.

Sized just like our Original Sport Kilts, with each size having a 4″ range of adjustability.  Machine washable, but can shrink 5-7% when washed or dried on hot.  Recommend cold washing and tumble dry, or low heat to avoid shrinkage.  Proudly made in the USA!

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