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Aye, Lad, it’s that pouch worn in the front of the kilt!

A sporran is the number one accessory to wear with a kilt.  It truly does complete the look. There is no mistaking your attire for a kilt outfit  when wearing a sporran in front of your kilt.

The Gaelic translation for Sporran is “purse”, although we like to think of it as a handy kilt pouch, or primitive fanny pack. It is positioned in front and center of your kilt.  As well as looking stylish, it gives you easy-access to your essentials.

Since kilts don’t traditionally have pockets, the sporran is the perfect catch-all for your valuables, probably invented out of necessity back in the day.  Now they have become a stylish accessory, and can be adorned with all sorts of metal trim, Celtic knotwork, and braided leather.  Large enough to hold your wallet, phone, keys, and whatever else you everyday-carry.

Sporrans with a rounded top are called “Dress Sporrans” for more formal occasions. Sporrans with a flat top are for day-wear occasions, and called “Day Sporrans.” We’ve seen both styles of Highland dress purse used for formal and informal events, so the choice of which sporran to get is mainly personal preference. The fancier rabbit fur sporrans always seem to get the most attention and compliments, and can still be used for events during the day.  The day sporrans are a great all-around choice when in doubt which style to pick.

Each kilt sporran comes with a chain-belt that attaches to the D-rings on the back of the sporran bag. On the other end is leather belt that  buckles behind your waist.

Belt loops aren’t necessary to keep your sporran up, it just hangs around your waist like a modern fanny pack.  However, if your kilt does have belt loops, it doesn’t hurt to thread your sporran chain through the belt loops, and it will stay in place even better.

All of our sporrans feature a snap closure except for the Father’s Knot and Trinity Knot sporrans, those have a cigar box closure.

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