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Black Leather Sporran


Black Leather Sporran

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The most important accessory to your kilt…the Sporran!

The Black Leather Sporran has the look of traditional day sporrans, and is very functional.  This is our basic entry-level sporran made from 2nd-grade leather.

Designed to hold your wallet, keys, phone and other valuables. Approx. dimension 7.5″ Tall  X 7.25″ Wide

All sporrans come with leather and metal chain belt.

25 reviews for Black Leather Sporran

  1. mcwiedeman1 (verified owner)

    Really nice Sporran that will look great with our kilts. My one complaint is that it is HUGE on myself and my partner. As a petite woman, this sporran is out of the question too big. For my boyfriend, on the larger end of medium, the buckle had to go to the last notch and it was still slightly too loose. We will have to remove many links and I’m worried it may ruin the belt itself. Otherwise, it is good quality with lots of room!

  2. German by birth, Scotish by choice (verified owner)

    Just bought 2 Sport Kilts from a friend who “out grew” them. (weight issues) I plan to wear them on a cruise leaving on St. Patrick’s Day. Bought this sporran as a daily wearer to go with the theme of the kilts. I’m very pleased with the quality and the speed at which it got to Pennsylvania from California. My passport wallet fits in it perfectly. Can’t wait to party aboard ship!

  3. Mick

    Solid Add on
    This is the fourth of these sporrans I have purchased from Sports Kilt. Two for me and these most for my two sons. There are dressier sporrans, but I’ll pass. These do what they need to do and look clean and classical. Well done, you!

  4. Tom

    A good kilt
    This is what I expected for the price. Delivered as promised. Sizes do run small.

  5. Jim Whitehill

    My Kilt
    I wear my Kilt every week while golfing.I get a lot of compliments.

  6. F4egress

    Love it and very functional!!
    I bought it because the kilt just doesn’t have enough pockets for me. The sporran has a lot of room and I was very surprised about that. Was easy to hook up and sit at the right height.

  7. Alex

    Very nice basic sporran
    I purchased this to wear with a traditional kilt (I do Scottish Country Dancing), and it did the job perfectly. It’s not flashy, but it is a great basic daywear sporran.

    My only complaint with it was that it was WAY too big for me, and I had to drill a new hole in the belt at almost the end of the strap in order for it to stay on. This made the strap look very bad, but fortunately, I am wearing this with a belt (and most daywear sporrans are worn with belts). Without a belt, though, this may not be the right sporran, or you may have to cut off some of the leather of the belt.

  8. Arnold

    Great Sporran
    The sporrans are of great quality.The workmanship is A1.You can’t go wrong with one of these sporrans.

  9. Jerry Gratz

    It is a nice item, I feel that it could be a little bigger. I like its look. Thanks—Jerry

  10. Brandon McCluskey

    Good Sporran
    This Sporran is like the one I had with my old pipeband. Good quality and it hold a wallet (a thick wallet to be exact) and Keys! Love it

  11. Gerald

    Day Sporran
    The leather day sporran is quite roomy. I can fit my wallet, my cell phone, and my keys into it without a problem. It was stiff at first, but I added some mink oil to it to soften it up.

  12. Lonnie

    This acessory just adds to the coolness factor of my kilt! Plus, it’s a good place to stash a cell phone.

  13. J

    Made the outfit mobile. My son was able to carry key, phone, ID and money. Also helped to hold down Kilt and made him feel more stable going without underwear!

  14. mary

    pleased as punch
    i purchased this sporran as a gift for my brother to go with his first kilt. really appreciated the excellent information provided on the site about the different types of sporrans, and all of the other kilt accessories. it’s all new to me! we were happy with the sporran we chose–it’s well constructed and very handsome. it shipped promptly. looking forward to shopping here again! thank you, thank you.

  15. Steve

    Black Leather Sporran
    Excellent value for the price!

  16. Ronnie

    Very roomy
    It has enough room for a wallet, keys, cell phone and money clip.

  17. Anonymous

    No complaints, Just praises!
    Nothing bad to say, I love it. It holds more than I expected, and thats nice. Also, It doesnt wander, it stayes exactly where you put it. I am totally satisfied with this sporran. If you are looking for a good basic sporran that will serve your needs without making your wallet weep like a baby, this is the one.

  18. JW Crow

    Nice and not gaudy
    Very nice sporran, looks very clean and strong without being excessive or gaudy. Had to rate it a 4 because the snap is quite stiff and difficult to close, but I’m hoping it will soften up over time.

  19. Joppy

    Nice Sporran 🙂
    Very handsome and worth every penny…..

  20. Pedro C.

    Black Leather Sporran
    Very durable and light, easy to put on and wear. definitely recommend.

  21. Donovan

    I liked the product, the only problem with it I have is that it was not big enough to fit me. I had to modify it with an old belt of mine to make it fit.

  22. Wallace

    Product was exactly what i ordered
    Good product for the money, transaction was quick and responsive.

  23. Colin McGuire

    thick leather
    This is a very serviceable sporran, with ample room for the necessities. The leather on the tassels and the belt-part of the chain was very stiff at first, but they have become more flexible through working them in.

  24. Chaz

    Black Leather Sporran
    Good value for price point. SportKilt describes it right in their overview of the product basic and functional. Great for first purchase.

  25. David Bryner

    Got one of these and love it. I highly recommend getting one of these with your kilt purchase so you can carry stuff around! My only concern is the band that threads through the back feels a little flimsy and it won’t be long till, I’m afraid, it will break.

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