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Black Watch

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Black Watch Clan Tartan History

Motto: Nemo me impune  lacessit (No one provokes me with impunity)

Black Watch is one of the most famous‚ and popular‚ tartans ever‚ recognized the world over.

In 1725 the Black Watch was formed by companies from Clans Campbell‚ Fraser‚ Munro and Grant with their warrior natures to guard and protect the Highlands‚ and authorized to wear their kilt and bear arms.

Known as an 'open tartan'‚ a Black Watch plaid kilt is perfectly acceptable for all to wear at Highland Clan gatherings‚ regardless of Clan affiliation. Worn by state leaders, military heroes, highland athletes, and people who just love the look.  The Black Watch tartan is a universal symbol of bravery and tradition.

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