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They will never take your Freedom!

The Bravest of them All

Be your most epic self in a Braveheart Sport kilt

Open for All

The Braveheart is inspired by all who go above and beyond to meet the call of adventure, or for those who simply want to chill. Not affiliated with any clan, the Braveheart truly is a tartan for the people.

The legendary Braveheart tartan kilt is inspired by Scottish history and made for everyone. As an open tartan, the Braveheart isn’t affiliated with any clan name – just those who dare to answer the call of adventure.

Scottish By Nature

Tartans weren’t always for wearin’ around your waist.  The ancient Scots used their plaids as blankets, tents, pillows or however else they say fit.  Resourceful and stylish, that’s the Sport Kilt way.


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