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Fly Plaid


Fly Plaid


You can choose any tartan from the drop down menu, and we will make your Fly Plaid out of your tartan choice. 

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Sport Kilt Fly Plaid… a great way to display your favorite tartan. Approx. 36 inches square, with fringed edges.

The most popular way to wear the Fly Plaid is to drape it over the shoulder and insert a corner through the epaulet of your Prince Charlie jacket.  It can then be pinned to a shirt or jacket with a kilt brooch or even a smaller kilt pin.

Women have found that is can be made into an elegant infinity scarf by folding it into a triangle and wrapping it around the neck.

Available in these tartans:

•   All Ireland

•   Ancient Hunter

•   Anderson

•   Armstrong

•   Big Blue

•   Black Watch

•   Braveheart

•   Brown Tartan

•   Buchanan

•   California

•   Campbell

•   Clergy

•   Douglas

•   Ferguson

•   Firefighter

•   Fraser

•   Garrison

•   Gordon

•   Graham

•   Green Scott

•   Green Zone

•   Grid Iron

•   Gunn

•   Hawaiian

•   Henderson

•   HHH Hunting

•   HHH Trail

•   Hunting

•   Irish Revenge

•   Irisher

•   Johnston

•   Jolly Roger

•   Kelly

•   Law Enforcement

•   Lindsay

•   Loch Ness

•   MacDonald

•   MacFarlane

•   MacGregor

•   MacKay

•   MacKenzie

•   MacLaren

•   MacLeod

•   MacPherson

•   Murphy

•   Mustang

•   New World Celts

•   Ninja (solid black)

•   Psyop

•   Red Zone

•   Robertson

•   Ross Hunting

•   Royal Purple

•   SAAA

•   Scottish Irish American

•   Smith

•   St. Patrick

•   Stewart Black

•   Stewart Pink

•   Stewart Royal

•   Thompson

•   US Air Force

•   US Army

•   US Coast Guard

•   US Marines

•   US Navy

•   USA

•   Wallace

•   Wallace Hunting

New! Davidson, MacNaughton, Morrison, Ramsay, Keith, Nevada State

31 reviews for Fly Plaid

  1. Don (verified owner)

    I purchased a fly plaid and sapphire brooch to match my clergy tartan kilt as the final accessories for my Prince Charlie. I’m officiating a wedding next month and can’t wait. The wedding will be intimate and outdoors at a covered bridge park. I’ve been extremely pleased with the quality of the products, the pricing and the customer service. I will be sure to send photos after the wedding

  2. Celtic Steps Mom

    Amazing team
    Your team kilts are amazing thank you Sport Kilt!

  3. James Clindsey

    Superb Products
    I have found all products that I have ordered and received have been top of the line and exactly as described.

  4. Martyb

    Good product great price
    Fabric has a nice hand. It will wear well and look good for a long time. The fabric shade is between ancient and modern.

  5. Dee Dee

    Wear my kilt hiking and get compliments every time I wear it. Plan to wear to the next Highland games. The material is soft and very high quality . Had my pleats sewed down but next kilt will have pockets. I also had it made longer that is perfect for me to wear with hose or leggings when cold . Can not say enough about the quality and great customer service

  6. Kilt runner 55

    Great products
    I have a US Air Force kilt, sash and fly plaid. They are great and I get a lot of compliments. They are very well made, I don’t wash them I have them dry cleaned and they look great.

  7. Jessie Terry

    Great purchase
    I got all my kilts and items here and have had nothing but good things to say. Sport kilt made my USAF kilt look complete and professional at an Army Basic Training graduation.

  8. drdwhiz

    Good Match for the Kilt
    A real fly plaid, rather than a folded scarf, does add to the effect of a full kilt outfit. Sport Kilt makes a good one, just about the right size, which matches their kilt setts. My wife also uses hers around the neck & shoulders as a large scarf, head cover, etc. It’s great to see who recognizes the USAF tartan.

  9. Mitch

    Good product
    This accessory was great.

  10. JJP790

    Looks great. Great customer service.
    I needed this fly plaid for a Burns Supper. I ordered late. The item was not in stock, but it was made and shipped to me in two days. Really added to my Prince Charlie jacket.

  11. Joseph Patterson

    Best Dressed Award
    Fantastic product. I won best dressed at 2017 Robert Burns Banquet. This is a great accessory and made very well.

  12. Web Support

    Web Support
    Web Support

  13. Sunshine54

    Great Gift
    I received my fly plaid as a Christmas gift. I really like it and the fabric is nice except for the fact that it isn’t even close to square which makes it really hard to fold it into a triangle.

  14. Karen Powell

    Fly Plaid
    Sport Kilt is the best! The fly plaid completed the outfit from Sport Kilt that my son got for Christmas. He did a project on Scotland for his 9th grade social studies class. He wore his full kilt and looked very authentic.The fly plaid really finished off the outfit. He received a grade of 96. Thank you for getting it here on time.

  15. Courtney

    great addition to a traditional look
    My husband is a US Marine and believes in looking “squared away” at all times. The fly plaid arrived was a bit larger than we expected, which is great because we were concerned that it wouldn’t drape correctly because he is tall. The quality is great and matches perfectly. I highly recommend a fly plaid (icing on an already attractive cake) as a finishing touch to your traditional kilted outfit.

  16. N.Zeigler

    A head turner!
    I have been wearing this pulled thru the eppelet (sholder strap) on my Leather motorcycle Jacket along with my kilt!

  17. Dughlas Reese

    Perfect addition
    The Fly Plaid is the perfect addition to give your kilt that dressed up look for a Burns Dinner. Sharp and very affordable.

  18. Dr. Bill Presnell

    Very impressed with my kilt and fly plaid!
    The fit is perfect and the look is crisp and clean. The tartan is beautiful. I have a couple of kilts (very expensive) in wool from Scotland and I would suggest that if you are looking to try a kilt secure one from Sport Kilt first as they are comfortable, economical and authentic.
    Then you will discover why the Scots enjoy theirs.

  19. Sean

    1st Rate!
    Took a chance with using sportkilt. Completely worth it! I’ve ordered an entire wedding outfit from them, also ordered my 7 month old son’s. They look the part, and the quality is top notch! I’m 1st gen. from Scotland, my entire family is from there and they had no idea I ordered from Sportkilt! I highly recommend anything by Sportkilt!

  20. Sean

    Great Product!
    Took a chance with using sportkilt. Completely worth it! I’ve ordered an entire wedding outfit from them. It looks the part, and the quality is top notch! I highly recommend anything by Sportkilt!

  21. Sarah

    Great for women, too!
    I got this for my husband to give his kilt a finishing touch. When it came, he loved it…and so did I. When we go places, I pop it on as a shawl and it gives us a nice little matching quality (without being over-the-top). Now I have to get another one, so he can have his back.
    We got the Wallace one, and the colors are beautiful. Nicely done.

  22. Anonymous

    Good quality but…
    In my case the colors weren’t a close match with my custom-made MacDonald kilt and noticeably mismatched even from a distance. As for quality of the material and craft, I have no complaints. It would have been perfect if the colors were right.

  23. Carey Friel

    Black Watch Fly Plaid
    My Fly Plaid is great. It not only is a Fly Plaid it also doubles as a shawl for warmth and a good umbrella when caught in the rain!

    I got quite a few compliments on my outfit at Celtic Classic. Every one liked the Fly Plaid.

    It is well made. It is a good size for me but a larger person might want it a little bigger.

  24. Jeremy Sumner

    I called with a question about the fly plaid and got an answer from a very helpful person. I then ordered online with no problem and got it in just a few days. Thanks Sport Kilt.
    Hope to be able to make some pictures to get in for Test your courage.

    Thanks again.
    Jeremy L.Sumner

  25. George Adamson

    fly plaid
    top notch!

  26. Bill R.

    a great light weight Fly Plaid !
    the MacLaren Fly Plaid was very well received ! It added just the right accent to the kilt outfit without adding a lot of extra weight ! VERY NICE !!
    (and I liked the fringe on your fly plaid better than the ‘knotted fringe’ on most of the other companies’ fly plaids !
    Great Job !!

  27. John Dye

    I enjoy my new Fly Plaid
    The quality and colors of my new Fly Plaid is very good. It wears very well and looks great!

  28. Renee Monroe

    Great Plaid fly
    It was better than I expected just the right tartan for my clan. Look forward to doing more business with you.

  29. Gary Smith

    Quality cloth
    The quality of the cloth truly enhances the design of the tartan, well cut!!!

  30. TOM


  31. Tony Abrams

    I recomend this
    If you are just getting into kilts, a fly plaid is a very accentuating item,

    I have one in the Hunting universal tartan to match my kilt at games I get a lot of compliments on it a very well made item and you can do a lot wih it.

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