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Sport Kilt offers a wide range of Clan Tartans that we stock, and in most cases, have ready to ship, along with matching tartan accessories.  Here you can shop by tartan to see all the items we make in the 70+ tartans we have in stock in our special blend material that holds a pleat well, doesn’t itch, and is machine washable and ideal for being active.

We have bolts of material in stock for all Sport Kilt tartans listed, so if there’s something you’d like us to make in your clan tartan, just give us a call, we love custom projects and do them all the time.

Also listed are some Universal tartans like the Black Watch that anybody can wear regardless of clan affiliation.  There are others that we designed for clubs and teams, like the Jolly Roger, Royal Purple, Grid Iron, Garrison, and Loch Ness that can be worn by anyone, as well as state and city tartans, such as the California, Hawaii, and Nevada state tartans.

When in doubt, and if this is your first kilt, we recommend picking a tartan that calls out to you. If you like the colors, you’ll probably wear it more often, and in our experience, nobody has been upset if you like the look of a Clan kilt and decide to wear it, even if you aren’t a formal member of that clan. A couple of times, we have had customers come into our shop, and after telling them to “just pick a tartan that calls out to you”, then they go on to do some research, and it turns out that they have some ancestry belonging to the tartan that their gut instinct told them to go with.

We look forward to outfitting as many people as possible in our unique kilt designs and accessories, in bold and beautiful modern tartan material, admired by people worldwide. Shop for clan kilts and tartans by surname below. We also have access to Clan Tartans not listed on our website, so if there’s a tartan you need, please give us a call, or shoot us an email.