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Stewart Black

Stewart Black – One of the world’s most recognizable tartans.

Clan Motto: Virescit vulnere virtus: Courage grows strong at a wound.

Badge: The Thistle

As a family‚ the Royal Stewarts held the throne of Scotland‚ and later that of England‚ in direct line until the death of Queen Anne in 1714. In fact‚ the present Royal family is often seen sporting a kilt in this historical pattern.”

This is the “Black” version of the Stewart tartan.  There is also a “Red” version called the Royal Stewart, or Red Stewart.

The Family Stewart is believed to be descended from France, but the time they arrived in Scotland the Stewarts grew in prestige and influence.  The held both the Scottish and English throne in the 17th and early 18th centuries, and even modern day members of the Royal Family have Stewart lineage.

Bravery in the Bloodline

When King George V refers to your clan’s colors as “My personal tartan”, you know you must be doing something right!

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