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Scottish Clan Tartan Wool Kilt


100% Pure New Wool – available in over 160 clan tartans!

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We’ve partnered with a mill in Scotland to bring you authentic Scottish County tartan Sport Kilts!

First, select the county you want, then the size Sport Kilt needed, and any custom features you want added to your kilt.

Next, we order the Scottish County tartan material for you from Scotland, and start building your custom kilt to your specs as soon as the material gets to us.

All Scottish Clan Tartan kilts are made in a 12-13oz mediumweight fine wool.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery

Available in these tartans:

Anderson Anc
 Argyll or Campbell Cawdor Anc
 Armstrong Mod
 Baird Mod
 Barclay Htg Mod
 Black Watch
 Brodie Htg Anc
 Bruce Anc
 Buchanan Anc
 Cameron Clan Mod
 Cameron of Erracht Anc
 Cameron of Erracht Mod
 Cameron of Erracht Mtd
 Cameron of Lochiel Htg Mtd
 Campbell Anc
 Campbell Ancient Mtd
 Campbell of Argyll Anc
 Campbell of Argyll Mod
 Chisholm Htg Anc
 Colquhoun Mod
 Crawford Mod
 Cumming Htg Mtd
 Cumming or Buchan Htg Anc
 Cunningham Mod
 Davidson Anc
 Davidson Mtd
 Douglas Green Anc
 Douglas Green Mod
 Drummond of Perth Mtd
 Duncan Mod
 Elliot Mod
 Farquharson Anc
 Farquharson Mtd
 Ferguson Anc
 Ferguson Mod
 Flower of Scotland
 Forbes Mtd
 Fraser Htg Anc
 Fraser Htg Mtd
 Fraser Red Mod
 Galbraith, Mitchell, Hunter, Russell Anc
 Glasgow City of Mod
 Gordon Anc
 Gordon Dress Mod
 Gordon Mod
 Gordon Mtd
 Gordon Red Anc
 Graham of Menteith Anc
 Graham of Menteith Mtd
 Graham of Montrose Mod
 Grant Red Mod
 Grant Red Mtd
 Gunn Anc
 Gunn Mod
 Gunn Mtd
 Hamilton Htg Anc
 Hay Anc
 Henderson Anc
 Hepburn Anc
 Holyrood Mod
 Home or Hume Mod
 Inverness Mod
 Irvine Anc
 Johnstone Anc
 Kennedy Anc
 Kennedy Mod
 Kerr Red Mod
 Kilgour Mod
 Lamont Anc
 Leslie Htg Anc
 Lindsay Anc
 Lindsay Mod
 Logan or MacLennan Anc
 MacAuley Htg Mod
 MacBeth Anc
 MacDonald Anc
 MacDonald Dress Mod
 MacDonald Dress Mtd
 MacDonald Mod
 MacDonald Mtd
 MacDonald of Clanranald Anc
 MacDonald of Clanranald Mod
 MacDonald of the Isles Htg Anc
 MacDuff Anc
 MacFarlane Htg Anc
 MacFarlane Red Anc
 MacGregor Htg Mod
 MacGregor Red Anc
 MacGregor Red Mod
 MacInnes Htg Anc
 MacIntosh Htg Anc
 MacIntosh Red Mod
 MacIntyre Htg Anc
 MacIntyre Htg Mod
 MacKay Anc
 MacKay Mtd
 MacKellar Anc
 MacKenzie Anc
 MacKenzie Dress Mod
 MacKenzie Mod
 MacKenzie Mtd
 MacKinlay Mod
 MacLachlan Mod
 MacLaine of Lochbuie
 MacLaren Anc
 MacLaren Mod
 MacLean of Duart Htg Anc
 MacLean of Duart Red Anc
 MacLeod Htg Anc
 MacLeod Htg Mtd
 MacMillan Htg Anc
 MacNab Mod
 MacNaughton Anc
 MacNaughton Dress Mod
 MacNaughton Mtd
 MacNeil of Barra Anc
 MacNeil of Barra Mod
 MacNicol, Nicolson Htg Mod
 MacPherson Htg Mod
 MacPherson Red Anc
 MacPherson Red Mod
 MacQueen Mod
 MacRae Htg Anc
 MacThomas Mod
 Malcolm Anc
 Maple Leaf Mtd
 Mathieson Htg Anc
 Menzies Black and White
 Menzies Htg Mod
 Morrison Htg Anc
 Munro Anc
 Murray of Atholl Anc
 Murray of Atholl Mod
 Murray of Atholl Mtd
 Musselburgh Anc
 Ogilvie Htg Anc
 Ramsay Blue
 Robertson Htg Anc
 Robertson Htg Mod
 Robertson Htg Mtd
 Robertson Red Anc
 Robertson Red Mod
 Rose Htg Mod
 Ross Htg Mod
 Ross Htg Mtd
 Rose Red Mod
 Scott Green Anc
 Scott Green Mod
 Sinclair Htg Anc
 Sinclair Red Anc
 Smith Anc
 St Andrews of Earl
 Stewart Black Mod
 Stewart Blue Dress Mtd
 Stewart Dress Mod
 Stewart Dress Mtd
 Stewart Htg Anc
 Stewart Htg Mod
 Stewart Htg Mtd
 Stewart of Appin Htg Anc
 Stewart of Appin Htg Mtd
 Stewart of Atholl Anc
 Stewart Royal Mod
 Stuart of Bute Mod
 Stuart Prince Charles Edward Mod
 Sutherland Anc
 Sutherland Mtd
 Thompson Dress Mod
 Urquhart Mod
 Wallace Htg Anc
 Wallace Red Mod
 Wilson Anc

3 reviews for Scottish Clan Tartan Wool Kilt

  1. Mark

    Amazing Customer Service!
    I dont have the finished product yet, but if its anything like the customer service i have had so far it will be amazing!

  2. Alex

    Great kilt, and great customer experience!
    Ordered a custom kilt from Sport Kilt in a more obscure tartan, Drummond of Perth. Their website was very user friendly, easy to specify the particulars of the kilt. They ordered the tartan from Scotland, made the kilt, and sent it by the date they promised, in time for my own trip to Scotland. Exceptionally well made kilt, couldn’t be happier with the kilt or the service.

  3. Merlin McTavish

    Wool Clan Kilt big splash at Burns Night supper
    I received many glowing compliments on the kilt at the event.

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