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We’re just as excited as you are to see the Highland Games making their way back this year.  While you don’t need a Scottish Highland Games, Celtic Festival, Irish Fair, or Renaissance Faire as an excuse to wear your kilt, it doesn’t take a second thought to wear your kilt to any of these events. So throw on your Highland Games attire from Sport Kilt and visit a local event, or make plans for an epic road trip to an in-person festivals.

If you’re competing in the 2023 Highland Games for the first time, not to worry, the athletes and judges are friendly and you’re guaranteed to have a great time. Wondering what to wear? A lot of athletes prefer our Original Sport Kilt with Sewn Down Pleats and a Sport Kilt t-shirt, however, a tank top or event t-shirt will do. Don’t worry about having spiked shoes if it’s your first time, any athletic shoes will do. We recommend our Diamond Cuff kilt hose which will look great and not get too hot. A pair of matching kilt hose flashes won’t get in the way, will look sharp, and will keep your hose in place while you throw for distance and toss the caber. Remember to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and be ready to have a good time testing your physical ability alongside your new kilted friends! You may find Highland Athletic clubs in your area that practice on weekends with the same implements used in competition.

If you’re going to watch, know that the Highland Games is an ancient sport and a precursor to Olympic events like shot put, weight, and hammer throwing. In Medieval times, the Scottish Clans would gather to compete against one another in sports involving strength and skill for bragging rights and to prepare for battles.

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The competitions are set. Are you ready? Check out all the upcoming games below.*

*For more about in-person protocols or virtual attendance, please visit the links below for the most up-to-date information.

Colorado Scottish Festival

Hawaiian Scottish Festival & Highland Games

April 1 & 2 2023

Colorado Scottish Festival

St. George Utah Highland Games

April 14 – 16 2023

Colorado Scottish Festival

Alaska Highland Games

June 24 – 25 2023


Complete your Highland Games look with accessories to match your tartan and make the ultimate Celtic statement.

Kilt Hose

Whether you’re competing or milling about the grounds, keep your shins cool and dry with a Scottish version of a sock.


Fancy up your kilt hose cuffs with these tartan “flags” or “tassles” that poke out and say “I really put some thought into this whole get-up today” They also have the practical benefit of holding your kilt hose in place.


You’re going to have your hands full carrying around food, drink, or heavy stones and stumps. A tasteful (or more ornate) sporran is the perfect pouch to hold your pocket-sized items.


Send a message and rep Sport Kilt on your upper half with a T-shirt that will turn heads and be the envy of lads and lasses at the festival!

Performance Undershorts

Don’t let a fear of slipping out keep you from jumping high or dancing hard. Wrap your kilt around these undershorts and play without restriction.