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You’ve Got Your Kilt, Now What?


The possibilities are endless for you and your Sport Kilt.


This gallant pouch is called a Sporran and it’s the most important accessory of all. In case you didn’t know, a kilt doesn’t have any pockets, so you need a place to put your stuff. It hangs down right where you cans ee it, so it’s no problem putting your valuables in there. No such thing as a pick-sporran!

Kilt Hose

Wearing dinky ankle socks with a beautiful kilt is a no-go. Complete the proper look with these tall leg-warmers that go up just under your kneecaps.


Fancy up your kilt hose cuffs with these tartan “flags” or “tassles” that poke out and say “I really put some thought into this whole get-up today” They also have the practical benefit of holding your kilt hose in place.

Kilt Pin

A little extra decoration never hurt anyone. We recommend you put the pin through the top layer so you don’t forget it’s there when you go to take the kilt off. Wouldn’t want you to trip on account of it not opening (because then a little decoration might hurt).

Ghillie Brogue

As fun to wear as they are to say, a pair of ghillie brogue shoes are perfect for fancy gigs. These shoes have non traditional laces that cris-cross in the front, wrap around your calf, then tie over your shin. Legend has it the Scotts laced up this way because if they evered stepped in a muddy bog and lost a shoe they could pull it back out by the laces wrapped around their legs.

Kilt Belt

No, you don’t need a belt to hold up your kilt. But a lot of pipers and aficionados like them because they look sharp, plus you can hang things from them like a sporran, a whiskey flash, or heck even a sword.


A kilt is perfect for any occasion but you might have to change your shirt. If you’re in the Highland Games, don a tee. Hitting the links? A solid color polo goes well with a tartan kilt. Snatch our Highland Shirt if your’re headed to the Renaissance Fair, or throw on a white button down with a blue blazer for wine tasting.

Fly Plaid

Why stop now? Get a fly paid and complete the look of the centuries-old “great Kilt” with the appearance of a royal cape. They go through the epaulet on your jacket, and get pinned over your left chest with a brooch. Fancy lad or lass, you are