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The “”Fearsome”” MacPherson one of the toughest clan families in Scotland, the MacPhersons. Now at first glance, their motto may seem like gibberish; so you must be thinking how can a clan talking about a cat be tough? Well, the motto actually serves as a metaphorical warning to other clans that they should think twice before interfering with Macpherson business; “Beware our unsheathed claws.” So if you’re a MacPherson (or know one), grab yer’self a clan tartan and show the world just how tough you are. A bold looking clan tartan featuring red‚ deep blue‚ black with gold and white pinstripes.

This red MacPherson modern tartan (also spelled McPherson) is the most common of the four official MacPherson tartans.

MacPhersons of lore include the 17th century looter James MacPherson, who infamously fiddled at his own execution, and Aimee McPherson, and LA-based celebrity faith healer of the 1920’s who briefly disappeared in a self-reported kidnapping that raises questions to this day.  To represent macPherson is to wear the colors of historic headline-makers!




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