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Great Kilt Package


One of the best kilt packages when it comes to ancient tradition – you will definitely turn heads!


Choose from our Vast variety of tartans!


You can have us cut two additonal tartan panels, sew them on to each end of the great kilt, and comb it out to match the tartan of the kilt.

Sporran *

Aye, Lad, it’s that pouch worn in the front of the kilt!. A handy place to store keys, wallet, and phone. Especially useful if your kilt doesn’t have pockets.

Kilt Hose Color *

Select from our Premium traditional Kilt hose

Kilt Hose Size *

These are based on Shoe Sizes

Flashes *

Flashes that match your kilt, hold up your hose (socks), and add a nice touch to your outfit!

Belt Size *

Select your size from our Smooth High Quality Leather Belt

Belt Buckle *

Select from our many Belt Buckle selections. If you don’t see your buckle on this list let us know which one you would like in the order notes field during the checkout process. We will do our best to make it happen!

Celtic Brooch *

Select from our many different finishes

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Great Kilt Package – some people like the look of the ancient kilt that was worn centuries ago before the standardized kilt came along in the 1600’s.  Takes a lot more effort to put on, but luckily we made a video showing how to pleat and wear your Great Kilt in different styles.

If you’re a fan of historical movies, then you’ve no doubt seen the traditional Great Kilt on the big screen. Known for its extra fabric that can be worn over or around the shoulders like a cloak, the Great Kilt gives you that dramatic “Braveheart” look with over 5 yards of premium tartan fabric to wrap and drape about you. Perfect for festivals, highland games, and formal occasions, a Great Kilt makes a great style statement!  

Package includes:

Great Kilt

Rabbit Fur Dress Sporran

Deluxe Cable Knit Kilt hose

Matching Flashes

Smooth Finish Belt & Buckle

Celtic Brooch

Since these are not always in stock, please allow 3-5 days for us to make your great kilt. 

There are many different ways to wear this style kilt; check out this helpful video:


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1 review for Great Kilt Package

  1. Phillip Hubbard

    Everything is incredible! All the materials feel that they’re quality and are well made. The only downside is, I’m 6’1″ so the kilt doesn’t go over my head when worn wrapped around the shoulders. It’s a wonderful kilt, and all the accessories are fantastic. Can’t praise it enough.

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