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Great Kilt


Traditional “Great Kilt” for that centuries-old look! Jump to Video



You can have us cut two additonal tartan panels, sew them on to each end of the great kilt, and comb it out to match the tartan of the kilt.

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Get the centuries-old look with our traditional “Great Kilt”, which has 5 yards of double width material with selvedged edges and an optional frayed side edge.  We recommend getting a kilt belt and buckle to wear this kilt properly.

#TBT! Sport Kilt is taking it back…way back, in fact, to the 17th century. Our “Great Kilt” is the most dramatic and traditional Sport Kilt we’ve ever made.

If you’re a fan of historical movies, then you’ve no doubt seen the traditional Great Kilt on the big screen. Known for its extra fabric that can be worn over or around the shoulders like a cloak, the Great Kilt gives you that dramatic “Braveheart” look with over 5 yards of premium tartan fabric to wrap and drape about you. Perfect for festivals, highland games, and formal occasions, a Great Kilt makes a great style statement!  Since these are not always in stock, please allow 7-10 days for us to make your great kilt. 

There are many different ways to wear this style kilt; check out this helpful video:


14 reviews for Great Kilt

  1. Shar Baker

    Best value for hard to find MacFarlane plaid – sashes, long skirts, airisaid…

  2. galloglas.amarok (verified owner)

    can’t wait to pick up another great kilt from sportkilt very well made and the price can’t be matched, it’s hard to beat the feeling of wearing a belted plaid and folding / pleating it is simple and relaxing 🍻 ( side note it would be great if there was a slightly longer version for sale and extra yard or two would go a long way and i’d certainly pay more for it that and i would love to see more tartans available specifically of the donald clan weathered, hunting, of the isles i’d pick one of each up 🍻)

  3. Diego

    I was very reluctant in buying the great kilt. I didn’t think that I would enjoy it as much as I do the other kilts that I have. I was completely wrong. I love this kilt and will most likely be getting it in another tartan soon. It is very practical during cooler days and nights. Great purchase; Sport kilt has never let me down!

  4. Winterfox

    Awesome belted plaid!
    I have two family tartans to choose from, but I picked the California as I am a native Californian. It looks brilliant! I’m tired of hot and heavy wool and love my other kilts from Sport Kilt, so I thought I’d give them a go for a belted plaid (aka great kilt). Not sure I will wear a wool one again as this is so comfortable. If you’re thinking about it, get one here.

  5. Decendant of Lovat

    Awesome product!
    It looks great, I wish they had a few more tartans to pick from and some info on cleaning it, although I may have just overlooked it. Mine just arrived today so I haven’t had much time to wear it, but I’m already in love. Pleating is a chore at first, and it’s a lot of fabric to stretch out.

  6. Pocomccoy

    Excellent quality
    Beautiful tartan. Not easily distinguishable from woven wool. I own other kilts including a wool phillabeag and this as attractive. Although I was used to wearing a hand folded kilt, this was a different animal. Still not satisfied with my ability to make the top half of this garment look as it should. SportKilt continues to make beautiful kilts at an entry level price for the novice and experienced wearer alike.

  7. rncyco99

    Great kilt=Great kilt
    I have always wanted a great kilt, but could never afford one. Sport Kilt offers a great, afforable product. Still working on my technique on folding. But, it always the eye catcher out an about. You won’t be dissatisfied with this purchase. Easy to maintain and looks great.
    Ladies love a man in a kilt. Don’t lose yours to a man in a great kilt. Be that man!

    PS. Don’t for get to order a brooch to complete the look. .

  8. sbuch

    Purchased a great kilt
    For years, my husband has wanted a great kilt. So this year for Christmas, I decided to purchase him one. My one complaint is that it was delivered in a plaid box clearly marked with the company name all over it. So much for surprising him since he was the one to get the delivery at home that day. It would have been MUCH better if it came in a plain brown box with little to no advertising on the outside! I would have had it delivered to my work if I had known of the way it would be packaged. The kilt itself is very nice though, and the quality is good.

  9. Ragbjorn Odinson

    awesome site
    I got a great kilt as a gift with a sporran, and to be honest its one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten, except the cat I got when I was 3. This site is an amazing site to purchase kilts and accessories from. Their products are well made, affordable, and very beautiful. I plan on purchasing more from this site.

  10. Trooper424

    Awesome purchase!!!!!!
    I own several philabeag kilts and decided it was time to go “old school” but didn’t want to spend a boat load of money on a wool great kilt. So I decided to try this kilt and couldn’t have been more satisfied. Pleating the kilt myself wasn’t as daunting and as difficult a task as I thought it would be. I highly recommend this kilt!!!!!!!!

  11. BigSpoon77

    Most utilitarian kilt you’lol wear
    This kilt will grow or shrink with fluctuations in weight. It can be worn casual or with your Sunday best. Cold or hot weather this kilt has you covered. Can be tedious the first time you’ll fold the pleats but gets easier with time. Wished I bought one sooner!!

  12. Jacob Frazier

    Great great kilt
    I really love my great kilt! Light weight no itch and it looks authentic!

  13. Idris

    Affordable Great Kilt
    This was a perfect purchase for my job at ore local Renaissance fest. The tartan is perfect, and the material is extremely light weight. Arrived quickly yoo.

  14. sneaky pete

    excellent quality for the price
    Purchased a sport kilt for the Queen Mary Scotsfest. Package arrived about a week ahead of schedule, Kilt quality was superb. Breathable, but not heavy. There was light rain and cold wind down in Long Beach that day, so I bundled up using the extra kilt fabric as a cloak. My only gripe is that the kilt is not long enough to make a hood with. As a 5′ 9″ man, i figured this would not be an issue. This probably has to do with the limited stretch of the poly material. Other than that, excellent product!

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