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The official Ferguson Clan tartan and crest.

Motto: Dulcius ex asperis (Sweeter after difficulties)

It is widely believed that Clan Ferguson claims descent from a very early King of the Scots‚ Fergus mo MacErc‚ and in the 13th century there were men all over the land calling themselves the ‘Sons of Fergus‚’ later to be Anglicised in the 17th century to ‘Ferguson.’ The Ferguson tartan is a magnificent cobalt background‚ with a kelly green stripe‚ and two red pinstripes around one white pinstripe.

Fergusons are descended from 5th century Scottish royalty and lay claim to shires from the north to the south.  Members of this clan have made indelible contributions to science, politics, and the arts, with poet Robert Fergusson in particular being a source of inspiration for the immortal Robert Burns.

The Clan Motto “Sweeter After Difficulties”, or in other words, “we make pulling through tough times look good”.  What an appropriate motto to sum up the bravery on display by everyone.  Lead the way in style, shop our Ferguson tartan products below.



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