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One of the boldest tartans ever‚ clan Buchanan!
The Clan Motto: Clarior hinc honos‚ “Brighter‚ hence the honour”‚ just like the tartan.

Clan Buchanan can be traced back as far as the 11th Century when Anselan O Kyan received the lands of Buchanan‚ east of Loch Lomond. Some of the septs of this ancient clan are Colman‚ Gibson‚ Gilbert‚ MacKinley‚ MacCormack‚ Masterson‚ Morris and Watson.

Aye‚ lad‚ “Walk proudly” in this dazzling kilt!

Did you know?…
…you can customize your Sport Kilt with options like sewn-down Pleats‚ Belt loops‚ and even have your Kilts hemmed to a custom length.




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