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Never Behind!

The mighty Douglases are one of the most storied clans in history, exerting their influence and military might from the Scottish lowlands to Sweden.  Over two dozen castles were built to house Douglases, and the stately clan tartan is still worn by rifle regiments in the British Army.

The Douglas clan practically owned the Scottish lowlands from the 13th-16th centuries. Their power was so vast, in fact, that Scotland couldn’t even contain it – Douglases moved to Sweden in the 1600s and the name is associated with Swedish nobility to this day. Not bad for a clan whose crest depicts a salamander on fire… There are many great clan slogans, but we think Douglas might take the cake – “A Douglas! A Douglas!” We like to imagine townsfolk pointing with glee as a noble Douglas passes through the main square, shouting out for others to come get a look. Douglases today can carry that celebrity air about them by donning the classic Douglas clan tartan colors. Browse this collection of Douglas clan tartan kilts and more!


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