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Stand Sure, Stand Brave!



This is the official Anderson Modern Tartan. The Clan Motto is “Stand Sure”…its hard not to in this great looking plaid!

Andersons are everywhere!  The Clan Anderson takes it name from St. Andrews, the patron saint of Scotland. The Anderson clan is prevalent through all regions of the homeland and the world.  The proud oak tree on the crest serves as a strong symbolic reminder of the Anderson Clan Prowess.

Today the Anderson name is as American as apple pie and authentic Sport Kilts stitched in the USA.  From film to science to sports, Andersons have played a pivotal role in all sectors of society.  Do you know an Anderson?  Pay homage in the unmistakable sky blue of the family tartan.

We have lots or products available in the Anderson modern tartan.  From kilts, to kilt accessories like flashes, sashes, fly plaids, and even bow ties for your pet!

Need it fast?  No problem, just let us know either by phone./chat or a note on your order, and we’ll do our best to get it to you when you need it.


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