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The Hawaiian plaid tartan is renowned for its beautiful colors representative of the flora and fauna of this tropical paradise. All sizes in stock!

The Hawaiian Tartan story:
In the beginning‚ there was the sea and the sky‚ and they were blue. From the depths of the ocean came lava‚ and it was a firey red and yellow. As the lava hardened‚ it formed the islands‚ and over time turned into the ‘aina‚ the rich brown life-giving earth. Soon the islands were covered in lush green vegatation‚ making them emerald jewels set in a cerulean blanket. Where the green of the islands and the blue of the ocean met formed the blue-green near shore waters‚ which flourished with abundant sea life. The Flora and fauna provided nourishment to the people who settled these islands‚ eventually adopting the red and yellow as royal colors.

In the tartan‚ the Blue is for the Pacific Ocean‚ The Green is for the vegatation‚ the Brown is for the land and the Red and Yellow have a dual purpose as the represent both the fire and lava that formed the Hawaiian Islands‚ and also honor the Hawaiian Monarchy.

Many thanks to Doug Herring of Oahu for designing this beautiful tartan!

This is the official registered tartan for the state of Hawaii.”

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