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Original Kilt Package


Original Kilt Package

Kilt Size *

Size Chart

Works Kilt

Size Fits Waist* Length
Mens Small (S) 25-30" 18"
Mens Medium (M) 27-33" 20"
Mens Medium Long (ML) 27-33" 22.5"
Mens Large (L) 34-38" 22.5"
Mens Extra Large (XL) 39-46" 22.5"
Mens Extra Extra Large (XXL) 47-54" 22.5"

* Waist Measurement in Inches DO NOT USE YOUR PANTS SIZE.

**Men's Medium Waist Tip: If you are taller than 5'9", you want to get the Medium-Long size.  If you are 5'9" or shorter, the Medium will be fine. 

See this Video for more sizing and product information.


Sewn Down Pleats

we tack the pleats down in place the first 5-6″ vertically from the waistband. It gives the kilt a more formal look, the pleats break apart lower down, lays flatter on your backside, and makes it easier to care for. Highly recommended!


You can have the opening side of your Sport Kilt fringed for extra flair!

We add an extra panel of tartan material, sew it in, and comb it out to match the tartan of your kilt.

Buckle Closures

Two leather buckle straps and chrome metal buckles add security, adjustability, and style to your kilt.

Hidden Side Pockets

You can have us add 2 hidden side pockets to your Sport Kilt. You won't even know they're there unless you're looking for them, or you've got your hands in your pockets.

A great custom option for those that have to have pockets on their kilts!

Please allow us a couple of days to customize your kilt with pockets before your order ships.

Belt Loops

We can add 5 belt loops around your kilt if you like wearing a belt.

Flashes *

Hose Color *

Hose (Regular) Color

Please note: colors may vary from how they are depicted on your monitor!

Free T-Shirt Size *

Kilt Pin *

Custom Length

Use a measuring tape, instead of using your pant size. This will determine your waist measurement.

The ideal kilt length: While kneeling, measure from the top of your waist (where you'd wear your kilt) to the floor. Some say your kilt should just brush against the ground when you are kneeling. Of course personal preference is the rule! Have it YOUR way.

Note:  Ultimate and Commando kilts tend to sit higher on the waist (more like a traditional kilt) than our standrard Sport Kilts. Therefore, you may want to add an extra inch or two in length to compensate. If in doubt, be assured that ninety five percent of the time, our standard size Medium-long, large, XL, abd XXL length of 22.5 inches will fit most guys 5' 10" and 6' 2" tall. 

Please Note: We cannot accept returns for customized goods, i.e., belt loops, sewn pleats, custom length. Measure carefully, please!

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This package comes with everything you need to wear a kilt in style.  Makes a perfect “starter package” or gift for that friend or family member of yours who has wanted a kilt for a long time, or who doesn’t know they want a kilt yet until they try it on!

Package includes:

Original Sport Kilt

Black Leather Sporran

Regular Kilt hose

Kilt Pin

Matching Flashes

Random Free T-shirt!

With this package, you’re instantly ready for fun on the links, the pub, or anywhere want!

The most important accessories to have with a kilt are a Sporran (really gives it that authentic “Kilt” look) and a pair of kilt hose (socks) that make a nice cuff above your calf.

WIth a kilt pin on the front of your kilt for decoration, and a pair of matching flashes, you’re kilted-up and lookin’ sharp for parties, sports, vacations and wherever you dare to wear your kilt!

Just choose the size kilt you need, the color (tartan/plaid) kilt you’d like, the free t-shirt size, select one of three kilt pins, and your color choice of regular kilt hose.  We’ll include the matching flashes and ship everything out to you ASAP!*

Please note: We always do our best to meet your deadline.  When choosing custom options like sewn-down pleats, belt loops, leather buckle straps, fringe, or pockets, please allow 3-5 business days  for production  *Anything with a Custom Hem Length longer than standard, we have to cut from scratch, and will take about 2 weeks to build.*

Get an Original Sport Kilt and the essential accessories at a nice discount!

30 reviews for Original Kilt Package

  1. Cody Clausen (verified owner)

    Absolutely killer package! This was my first proper kilt, so I figured it’d be easiest to get the basics all at once. The kilt is comfortable and looks great, the sporran is simple but looks great (needed to adjust the chains, took maybe two minutes), and the rest of the accessories make it more versatile than just casual dress. I’ll definitely be ordering from Sport Kilt again!

  2. Jay

    Great product and turn around
    I ordered my Sport Kilt package with a clan tartan which was a great value and got me “kilted” properly. They turned around the order, shipped and received in under a week. I plan on ordering my next kilt with the US Army tartan from them. I will consider them first for all my Scottish apparel needs.

  3. James

    Awesome kilts even for weddings
    I bought the kilt for my wedding, and I really can’t wait to wear it for that. It fits and feels great to wear. The fabric and stitching are strong, and feel like they’ll last for a long time too. I’m really glad I went to this site and this could be for my wedding attire.
    Thank y’all so much for the great kilt and chance to have a well made one for my wedding.

  4. CarGuy8486

    Absolutely Perfect Kilt
    I purchased the kilt for an event at our house with an international/travel theme. I am of Scottish heritage, however have never owned or worn a kilt, so this was a first, and I was hoping to look and feel somewhat authentic.
    I found Sport Kilt on the internet, and decided to order the kilt and accessories to compliment the outfit, not knowing what to expect upon arrival, so I was a bit nervous.
    To say I was satisfied is a tremendous understatement, I was floored by the quality of not just the kilt, but also by the accompanying accessories. The packaging of the order made the experience of opening the box even more satisfying, as well, so when I actually tried the kilt on, I was really blown away by how comfortable and easy to wear it is.
    The pricing for such quality was exceptional, and I will certainly order from Sport Kilt again!

  5. Gordon

    Great Purchase
    I ordered the kilt on very short notice and the team was able to put it together quickly and reach me in perfect timing. Great purchase. Very happy

  6. KK DickerShea

    Best Gift Ever!
    I bought this package as a birthday surprise from my fiancé who has always wanted one, but has never had one. He was shocked when he opened it! It fit perfectly and he wore it the rest of the party! Will definitely be back for more purchases!

  7. Tony

    I couldn’t be happier.
    The fit and quality were better than I even expected. I plan on purchasing other kilts for seasons and different occasions.

  8. David

    Original Kilt Package
    Great products with awesome service. Was on my doorstep in a week. Would and will order from them anytime.

  9. Edward Walden

    Great product
    Once again, went above and beyond my expectations

  10. Macydw

    Great purchase
    Have been thinking about getting my kilt for years, glad i finally pulled the trigger. Wore it to a party and everyone loved it. Still need to finish the outfit with a PC jacket, will get that soon. Great kilt, great price, and fast shipment.

  11. Kenneth L. Collins

    Celebrated 56th in Style
    Very satisfied with purchase & products.

  12. Old Sailor

    Very, very pleased!
    Quality, sizing, fit, colors, accessories – an all in one tremendous bargain! Very impressed with everything, so much so that I’ve now ordered a woman’s kilt and accessories for my wife in her family tartan.

  13. John

    Lots of fun
    Purchased the Hawaiian tartan original kilt package because Hawaii is my home. Worn it a couple of times already, pleasantly surprised by the compliments I’ve received (along with a few inevitable confused double-takes). Very comfortable to wear.

  14. Rob

    I ordered this kilt while deployed, and it came perfectly. Unfortunately, there was a shipping issue due to the country I was in – no fault of Sport Kilt – but when it finally showed up, I couldn’t have been happier. I’ve already worn it multiple times!

  15. Alex

    Good purchase
    I got the original Sport Kilt package. I realized I made an error on the shirt size in the package and sent Sport Kilt a message. They told me not to worry and corrected the error. The kilt package arrived in a few days well packaged in a box that stated courage included. The kilt itself was a nice fabric to the specifications I included and all the included accessory items were correct. I am wearing my kilt for the first time this weekend to a cousins wedding. Should be a good time. Thanks Sport Kilt for all your excellent service and help with this order

  16. Happy Wife

    Hot husband
    I was very pleased with the quality of the kilt and extremely pleased with how hot my husband looked in it.

  17. FightingFrazer

    Fantastic Product
    I ordered the complete kilt package, and was not dissapointed. The accessories make it well worth it. I added the sewn down pleats, leather fixtures, and belt loops. The fabric is great, with a good weight that still feels breathable. The fitting guide was very helpful as well. I am sort of between sizes, and decided to go up to the XL, per the advice of the video, and am glad I did. I can’t recommend enough. If you are on the fence, it’s time to hop off!

  18. C. Broome

    Excellent customer service
    Ordered my SpotKilt in All Ireland for hiking. It was a bit big, but that was my fault. Due to some family medical issues, I was delayed in getting it back to SportKilt. When I did, they fixed my measurement mistake and shipped it back on same day. It fit perfectly.

  19. Jeemrick

    Our first shop experience, but certainly not our last
    I ordered the kilt package for my son and we were so pleased with what arrived promptly in the mail. Everything was lovely–the kilt washes up beautifully, the hose fit well, and the quality is good. The chain on the sporran is too long, so we can’t use it but are trying to figure out how to shorten it without ruining the item. Overall, a terrific value, good customer service and quality product.

  20. happy canadian

    great kilt pakage
    i bought Macleod of Lewis tartan, original sportkilt, with only the fringe added , in this pakage for the first time i can wear a sporran right wiht out hangers , the sporran is a good quality too better than the other i got from a scotland store. shipping was fast too faster than i expected , i didnt counted to be able to play bowling wiht my job employee, cause i ordered about april 21, when the bowling was may 5th, and being in canada mean longer shipping , but i got it just the day befor the activities i wore it there and had alot of fun,

  21. Beergod

    Great Product
    Great quality and customer service. Never owned a kilt before and love it.

  22. JayP

    Customer First! Thank You!
    When I find a company that places the customer first, when they make sure they meet your expectations, I make sure I return my loyalty to them. It is hard to determine what you are going to get when you shop online, but let me tell you, you are going to get a high product from a company that cares! Sport Kilt is the one and only place I will ever shop for my Kilts and Kilt accessory needs!

  23. TM

    Better than adversitsed.
    I received my kilt package and it is very, very nice. I wore it at work for St. Patrick’s day and after work. I received many compliments and from others also in kilts. Being Irish is one thing but I found out how much women love a man in a kilt! I will wear it to the American Legion for their events too. The pleats are absolutely necessary.

  24. Don Wagner

    Best Purchasw
    Thoroughly satisfied with the quality and workmanship of the product, made me proud on our Kilt Ride

  25. jdwallace9

    Great product
    This is the second kilt I have bought here and each one was excellent. I use them to run long races in and they are quite comfortable.

  26. The bishop

    You helped so much.
    I have nerve damage in my legs and have days when pants are painful. Thanks to my sport kilt I don’t have to hide I can go out and live. Thank you so much and keep turning them out.

  27. John

    great bang for your buck!
    Such great quality. The package has everything you need. Plus, at that price, you feel like you can opt for addition items without breaking the bank!

  28. DeauxBoy

    These people are AWESOME! They go above and beyond to make sure their customers are Extremly happy!

  29. Wraith3f4

    Love the bundle
    The bundle is well worth the price. I had, however, upgraded the kilt with pockets and belt loops. This is the fourth kilt i have bought and will only buy from here from now on. Excellent quality and comfort.

  30. Rabbie Burns

    Scottish pride
    The kilt itself is nice. Decent quality material. Not overly bulky like traditional wool. Color and style are great. Sizing is very tricky on a kilt. As a 38 pant waist I fell into a connundrum of sizing, top end or a smaller size or bottom end of a larger size. Unfortunately I guessed wrong. Sent an email to Seamus about it but no response. Maybe it went to spam not sure. Regardless, I don’t know if I can swap it out with various customization like a pocket and whatnot but it is a little on the large size and I feel like I am wearing my large uncle’s kilt. Product is great…Sizing is hard.

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