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MacGregor Clan tartan and crest

MacGregor Clan Tartan Kilt… a fearless kilt of Red and Green with white stripes.

Clan Motto: Royal is my Race

Rob Roy MacGregor is one of Scotland’s most well known figures. Brigand‚ hero‚ blackmailer and inspired leader‚ many of his exploits became legendary.

The MacGregors have a bit of a reputation in Scottish history. Members of the MacGregor clan partook in some cattle thievery and general ruffian-type stuff in the 16th century, leading to the abolition of the very name in 1603. Rather than be hunted, many MacGregors took other names to avoid persecution, like Fletcher, Black, Orr, Macs, etc,.

Around the turn of the 18th century, Rob Roy MacGregor led his much-maligned clan to fight back against their rulers as part of the Jacobite uprising. His exploits became legendary across the Highlands, and Rob Roy has since been immortalized in poetry, film, and even a cocktail. In 1774, the laws against MacGregors were lifted, and the name has returned to its good standing ever since.

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