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Braveheart Original Sport Kilt


Sport Kilt, Braveheart

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The Braveheart kilt is back! An exclusive Sport Kilt design, and one of our most popular open tartans.

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10 reviews for Braveheart Original Sport Kilt

  1. Clydes

    Purchased it to wear at the Shadie Hawkins golf tournament.. Kilt was the outfit for the day & we got plenty of kudos.. Awesome!!

  2. Fat Larry

    Fastest kilt on the market
    I bought this kilt to run a Scottish themed 50K race, and against all odds, I won the race wearing this product! The pockets came in handy for holding my gels and calories, and the velcro made it easy to adjust on the fly. Obviously I only won because of this awesome kilt!

  3. Jane

    I have about 5 or 6 kilts from SportKilt, and I get compliments on everyone I wear.

  4. Tim

    Braveheart kilt rocks!
    Ran the NYC Scotland Run 10K in my Braveheart kilt… never imagined that running in a kilt could be so comfortable! Thanks to the crew at Sport Kilt!!!

  5. Gary Inglis

    Sport Kilt A++++
    This style of kilt is perfect for wearing out casually and you really get noticed!!! The majority of people really like it and its a great conversation starter. It’s inexpensive enough so that if it does get trashed it won’t take a fortune to replace and its easy to care for. Since purchasing the my first sport kilt, I have purchased two more.
    The Sport Kilt company has good quality products at very reasonable prices and the Customer Service is fantastic. I made a mistake with the size of a belt and I just returned it and they sent me the correct size….. Hassle free!!!!

  6. Ilona Sherratt

    my husband loves his kilt
    I am very impressed with the quality of the garment, and have recommended your site to others who want kilts (both men and women) Thanks!

  7. Matt Strachan

    Sons of Scotland! I am William Wallace.
    Sport Kilt’s version of Wallace’s kilt in “Braveheart” is tops. As for the tartan colors what you see on your computer screen doesn’t do it justice: the green is a rich, almost forest green, that’s really sharp (maybe it’s the flash in all the photos that makes it look brighter.) While not as wooly and wild as Wallace’s kilt in the movie, Sport Kilt’s version is one of the most historically accurate kilts you’ll ever find in washable fabric from the days before wear of the kilt was banned circa 1746. Seriously: if you’re gonna get another kilt (and of course you are)get this one, wear it with pride, and go kick some ass in the caber toss.

  8. Neal

    You’ll wonder why you didn’t get one sooner!
    I got my first Sport Kilt in January. Every day I look forward to getting home from work, getting out of my dress clothes and getting the kilt on.

    Sport Kilts are amazingly comfortable and well made, you will not be disappointed. Think wearing a kilt isn’t manly enough? Well my wife did get pregnant about a month after I get my Sport Kilt, just sayin’!

  9. dylan harraden

    braveheart kilt
    I love the kilt and dealing with this site. Thank you all!

  10. Justin

    Washes clean!
    I bought this kilt to wear in a race that involved crawling through mud pits and other obstacles. I feared that I might get only one use out of the kilt, but to my pleasant surprise, it came out of the wash completely clean!

    I’ll also add that it looks very nice, is comfortable. Overall a high quality product

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