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Hiking Kilt – Black Watch Weathered


Hiking Kilt in the Black Watch Weathered tartan.  Featuring a subtle earth tone plaid on a lightweight, durable, quick drying microfiber material.  Essential gear for your epic adventure!

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An ultra-modern kilt that utilizes high tech athletic material for maximum performance

-Microfiber material printed in the Black Watch Weathered Tartan

-Secure velcro closure

-Quick drying and breathable

-Similar to board shorts, for maximum comfort and style on the trail, or wherever your adventure takes you.

-Looks good, Feels Good, Performs Great!

Sizing: measure your waist with a tape, or order 1 size bigger than your pants size for ideal fit.

Please note: We always do our best to meet your deadline.  When choosing custom options like belt loops, leather buckle straps, or pockets, please allow 1-2 weeks for production. Anything longer than our standard length can take up to 2-6 weeks to build (including non stock items/products)

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19 reviews for Hiking Kilt – Black Watch Weathered

  1. michael brooke (verified owner)

    Cool, light weight material. I only wish that the color was lighter. It gets hot in the sun

  2. Elliott (verified owner)

    A great kilt for what it is.
    I have this hiking kilt and an original Sport Kilt, and while I like both, this is my preferred kilt of the two. It has a little fuller front apron than the original and comes with a few more pleats in the back so I think it looks more like a traditional 4 or 5 yard kilt. It is very light weight, dries very quickly, and a perfect option for warm weather or athletic activities. The only caution I would give is as follows:
    – The fabric is a printed image, not woven like the Original Sport Kilt, so the back/inside is a white fabric (that was not clear to me when I ordered)
    – Because it is a very light material and printed, I would not put kilt pins in it as they will damage the fabric. I would not use this for Highland Games either as I think that activity would trash the material.
    – In addition, the lighter weight means it wrinkles more easily than the Original (though they will tend to loosen out over the day.)
    – Its very light weight means you should use caution if going regimental in windy weather. It is much more likely to flip up in the wind, especially in the back, than the Original or a traditional wool kilt.
    – This kilt will probably need to be washes more often than the Original as it absorbs body odor quicker.
    None of these limitations are necessarily bad. I still love the kilt, but you should know what you are getting before ordering.

  3. Don (verified owner)

    I love it when the weather allows me to wear this kilt. It’s soft and light and I wouldn’t want to wear anything else if I could get away with it. I read a couple criticisms that I agree with though. The waistband is a little stiff and the color of the inside is white, when it should match the outside. Minor complaints that would never put me off buying another.

  4. Zachary Youtz (verified owner)

    These kilts are the future of hiking.
    I just completed my Appalachian Trail thru hike in this kilt and I can’t even imagine doing it in anything else. I swear that I will never hike in pants again.
    The kilt is as breathable as it gets, it dries instantly and it just looks amazing.
    I’ve recommended it to everyone I’ve met on the trail and I will recommend it here. I’ve already ordered another for next tears PCT hike, thanks for making such a useful product

  5. Will

    Perfect for hiking, music festivals, lounging around the house, and pretty much anything. The wool kilts are a bit hot in the summer and, since I live in Florida, the summer is a good 8 months. Get a lot of compliments when I wear it to festivals and fun to jump around and do flowey dances in it. I’ve had it for 8 years and it still is hanging in there, though the pocket stitches are coming apart and one of the velcro pieces on the front fell off a year or two ago, but this kilt has had HEAVY use so I’m surprised only that has happened. All around 10/10, am about to purchase another one.

  6. scottyscollectibles (verified owner)

    I have several traditional kilts from Europe and was looking for a kilt to hike in. I bought several “hiking” kilts from other American companies and none of them were true Hiking Kilts. Some were barely kilts. This kilt is perfect. It lays perfectly and has the correct weight. You would think this kilt is made of heavier traditional fabrics with the way it looks and moves but it isn’t. Well worth the money and I will be buying another. I will be wearing this kilt for my hike leading up to, and at, Trail Days in Damascus, VA in May of 2019

  7. AZ Hiker

    Good with one problem.
    The Sport Kilt Hiking Kilt was everything I hoped it would be, except that the waistband was a little uncomfortable in the front when I was sitting down (fine when standing). It would be much more comfortable if the waistband/closure area was slightly padded or a bit more flexible. If not for this, I would have bought a couple more of this model.

  8. Penny

    Hiking and Bike shorts changing Kilt!
    I bought for my husband. We like in the Smoky National Park and he is in love with the kilt. His favorite way to use it is to whip it out after a group bicycle ride and needs to change out of his biking shorts in public. Instead of hiding between car doors, or having his towel fall off of him with his pants down, he now uses the kilt! Gets a lot of comments and jealous stares from other cyclists.

  9. Jammer

    Versatile and Convenient
    My hiking kilt serves as an excellent everyday kilt. Unlike my dress kilt, it is easy to put on and take off, and it can go in the washing machine. It’s a swell garment.

  10. tincanar

    favorite kilt
    This has been my go to kilt this summer. It is exactly what I wanted, great fit, just really pleased with it. I have purchased many kilts from this company and their customer service has been right there in the past if you do need them. Highly recommended.

  11. Packanimal

    Kilts RULE!
    I’ve been an extremely satisfied user of the Sport Kilt Hiker model, since 2011. I alternated my first Sport Kilt with another hiking kilt for about 2/3’s of the entire Appalachian Trail in 2012. It was easily the most functional of all of the garments I used on the AT. The range of motion is the best feature for hiking, especially on extreme inclines. Also, the lack of chaffing and natural breeziness on hot/humid days is literally uplifting-both physically and psychologically. The Hiker also flows much better than any of the other two brands I own.
    Even though these kilts are my go-to garments for hiking, I also wear them to every festival I attend throughout the summer. The Hiker model never fails to get multiple positive comments.
    Because I just ordered my 4th Sport Kilt Hiker says it all about how much I appreciate the functionality and durability of these kilts.
    Keep on kiltin’…

  12. Mark

    A very nice Kilt!
    I really like my new kilt. I bought it at a shorter length, 18 inches. Wow, really nice and I have gotten a few really nice compliments. I don’t go natural under it. I wear underpants. hahaha Well, it’s short and I hike up mountains. I got to have some privacy but very little. hahaha

  13. Red

    Don’t pay extra for pockets
    The descriptions don’t mention a pocket so I paid extra for pockets. Don’t waste your money. There is a pocket the center of the flap. Also, buy it bigger. The Velcro is not sewn down very well either. I wish i paid for the straps.

  14. PaulJ

    Great Hiking Kilt
    Two weeks on the Chemin de St Jacques from Le Puy France in my new Black Watch Hiking Kilt – it is performing great. I’ve done two other caminos in an off the rack competitor’s Kilt, and won’t be going back. The hidden pockets are perfect for passport or a few euros for beer or cafe. The Velcro waistband doesn’t interfere with my pack. The weathered Black Watch tartan let’s everyone know it isn’t a ‘skirt’. Great product!

  15. Lob

    Go to hot weather kilt
    Thiis is by far the most comfortable hot weather kilt out there Will be my go to kit on the North Country Trail this year!

  16. Muddy Chupacabra

    Will never run a race in shorts again
    I had never worn a kilt before, but ordered this one after seeing someone participate in an obstacle course race wearing one. Seemed like a great idea, and now I have the experience to prove it. Wore this in the recent Tough Mudder in NH, and the hiking kilt performed perfectly. Not only was it comfortable, but the compliments and encouragement from others on the course gave me the extra energy I needed. And, despite being covered in at least 2lbs of mud, a quick run through the hose and it practically looked like it just came out of the package. Quick drying too. Highly recommend using the hiking kilt for your next athletic event. It’s the next best thing to a super power.

  17. Kilted in the cuts

    Yosemite approved!
    Bought this for this years trek into Yosemite’s back country. Absolutely love it! I don’t know that I can ever go backpacking again with out it.

    The hiking kilt material was light enough on the hot summer days that I never really felt overheated. On the downside the material doesn’t hold a pleat as well as the tartan’s do, but when you are traversing the wild the straightness of your pleats isn’t really a big deal.

    I recommend this kilt to my fellow adventurers.

  18. Starman

    Sport Kilt Fabric is White on the Inside
    My Black Watch Hiking Kilt had a nice hand, held its pleats well and had a nice drape to it, but I returned it because the fabric inside the kilt was white and not a tartan pattern. No big deal right? When at rest this is not a problem, but it looks odd to see white inside a man’s kilt when the seam opens up a bit during activity (which it will). Also, the 8 oz (227 gram) poly blend material used on the Sports Kilts is not necessarily a heavier weight material than the 330 gram microfiber fabric used on the Hiking Kilt. The Hiking Kilt has an overall weight less than Sport Kilt (I guess) because the Sports Kilt is constructed with six extra inches of material folded over on the vertical edges that the Hiking Kilt lacks. Drying time, snag resistance and slightly heavier weight aside, I returned my Hiking Kilt and purchased a Black Watch Tartan Sport Kilt which has a tartan patten (not white) inside and I experienced great customer service in the process.

  19. Seamus O’Tunes

    Excellent Kilt
    The first sport kilt I bought was the Pacific Blue Hiking Kilt. I instantly loved it. I decided to get another. I ordered this with belt loops and pockets. The Black Watch might be even a little better than my pacific blue. These kilts are great for lounging or wearing out during warm days. They look great and hold an excellent pleat. Throw them in the wash and hang them and they are ready to go! I’m extremely impressed by Sport Kilts quality.

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