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Men’s Performance Under-Shorts


Men’s Performance Undershorts


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Men’s Performance Undershorts

Great for wearing under your kilt to prevent chafing and over-exposure.

90% polyester 10% spandex.

Most highland athletes wear something under their kilt, although few admit to it!

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5 reviews for Men’s Performance Under-Shorts

  1. Christopher Patterson

    I cannot believe that this site is selling something to wear underneath a kilt. What is this world coming to?

    • sportkilt

      We understand your sentiments, but some people can’t go commando ALL the time!

  2. Evie

    5 stars
    Super sexy, super comfy!

  3. Evie

    Love it!
    So comfy!

  4. David Robertson

    Love me Sport Kilt!
    Absolutely love me Sport Kilt! I’ve already worn it during a several trail running events. It’s comfortable and lightweight. I’ve taken a couple of falls (the roots and rocks are oot ya get me) and the kilt has held up beautifully. I only wish you also offed it in a Robertson Hunting tartan.

  5. <-Pointer

    No more chafing
    I’m a big guy who is trying to complete the Appalchian trail. I’ve tried dozens of combinations of shorts and underwear to eliminate chafing without success and have finally found my solution! These undershorts are great! Combined with a kilt they have completely eliminated chafing.

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