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Black Matte and Gray Sporran


Black Matte and Gray Sporran, cool looks with classic style and function.

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One of our favorite sporrans we carry, The Black Matte and Gray sporran is a modern classic.  The picture really doesn’t do it justice.  Similar to our gray rabbit sporran, except the top cantle, tassels, and sporran chain has been powder coated in a matte black finish.  A slightly modern twist to a formal sporran style, sure to look great with any kilt you put it on over.  Functional as well with a snap opening on the back.  This sporran like most others accordions out to accommodate your wallet, keys, phone, and anything else in your everyday carry.

All of our sporrans come with the leather/chain belt to wear the sporran around your waist.  Most of the time, it hangs just fine without assistance.  If you have belt loops on your kilt, it doesn’t hurt to thread the sporran-chain through the belt loops to keep it in place even better.

Wearing a sporran is the number one thing you can do to make your kilt outfit authentic.  People love the look of a sporran, especially the soft rabbit-fur ones like this one.  Be ready for lots of compliments next time you wear it out.

Measures approximately 7″ tall by 6″ wide, and uses a snap closure on the back to open the pouch.  Easily holds all your valuables, and looks great. Easily able to hold the biggest smartphone you can find, and more.


1 review for Black Matte and Gray Sporran

  1. Sloffy Reb

    A wee bit overpriced
    My first order from Sport Kilt and it aint bad ,but I think it might be a little more pricey than it should be. Quality is not the worst ,but also not super great. Expect a bit of shedding at first.

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