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Dirk And Sheath

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This is a handsome pewter-tone Dirk comes with an emerald stone on the hilt. Measures 8.5″ overall with a 4 1/2″ blade length. The Scottish Dirk is the equivalent of the American Bowie knife, and generally worn on the hip, not tucked into hose like the sgian dhub.

This is not a toy, and is not for young children. Sharp. Check with local laws to make sure this knife is legal with its 4 3/4″ long blade.

US Knife Laws

Dirks with Purple, Red, Blue and Green gemstones are available upon request.

Sheath included.  440 stainless steel blade. Imported.

1 review for Dirk

  1. Raylene

    Heavy, beautiful worksmanship. This item is made in China

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