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Black Stewart Comfy Kilt


Black Stewart Comfy Kilt

Size *

Size Chart

Works Kilt

Size Fits Waist* Length
Mens Small (S) 25-30" 18"
Mens Medium (M) 27-33" 20"
Mens Medium Long (ML) 27-33" 22.5"
Mens Large (L) 34-38" 22.5"
Mens Extra Large (XL) 39-46" 22.5"
Mens Extra Extra Large (XXL) 47-54" 22.5"

* Waist Measurement in Inches DO NOT USE YOUR PANTS SIZE.

**Men's Medium Waist Tip: If you are taller than 5'9", you want to get the Medium-Long size.  If you are 5'9" or shorter, the Medium will be fine. 

See this Video for more sizing and product information.


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This is the kilt in which you can completely unwind. Put it on and hang out, wear it after work, or after the gym.

Made of 100% cotton flannel, the hands-down most comfortable kilt in the world.

Cyclists, surfers and athletes love changing in and out of their gear in public with these; kilt afficionados love just lounging around in one.

We guarantee that after you watch a football game from your couch in your Comfy Kilt, you’ll never want to relax without one again!

Note: these kilts are great for lounging around, but we don’t recommend wearing them out in public. They feel great, but don’t hold a pleat as long as our Original Sport Kilts. If you’re going to be wearing your kilt out on the town, we strongly recommend  the Original Sport Kilt…Seamus

4 reviews for Black Stewart Comfy Kilt

  1. Brent Simons (verified owner)

    Super comfy and well made! 🙂 I originally ordered a larger size and it was too big to my surprise. Sport Kilt promptly sent out another in a smaller size and it fits great! Excellent customer service!

  2. Etfishwolf

    Should have stayed with the XL size!
    I had previously bought an Xl size black Stewart, which i really enjoy wearing, except it has about 3 inches of Velcro that shows on the right hand side. So I thought maybe the XXL size would fit just right. So i ordered an XXL Black Stewart and a n XXL Gordon comfy kilt. But when they arrived i found that they are not just slightly larger, but much larger. When I put them on I have about 5 inches of material flapping past the end of the Velcro on the right hand side! I was disappointed that I won’t be able to wear them, so they have just been hanging in my closet. I guess if I ever gain a ton of weight I’ll have them ready and waiting. I love the Comfy Sport Kilt XL That I have. I just wish I had order the other two the same size.

  3. Kilted J

    Great Product
    A fine kilt. I bought the comfy kily for lounging around the house, and it is great. Soft and comfy.

  4. Shu

    Love my comfy kilt
    second comfy kilt…wonderful purchase…

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