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California Original Sport Kilt


Sport Kilt, California Tartan

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This is the official California tartan. The tartan’s blue background reflects the sky, the Pacific Ocean, and the state’s many rivers and mountains. The green reflects the forests of the Sierras, and the many fields, forests, and parks. The red, gold, and blue signify the arts, sciences, and industry of the people of the State of California. There is also a hint of the Muir family tartan in its origin, in celebration of his many contributions to California.

A wonderful kilt that celebrates the history of the State of California.

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8 reviews for California Original Sport Kilt


    Good price
    Very comfortable.

  2. Damn Near Kilt ’em

    Absolutely love it. Wife hates it but she won’t hike with me so to hell with her. Ventilation and freedom of movement are unparalleled. It took some time to pull the trigger and wear it, worrying about what others thought, but once I did there was no turning back. So now, with pity, I look upon those poor, uneducated suckers still wearing shorts and pants. Thanks Sport Kilt.

  3. Tommaso

    A successful wardrobe addition
    Some guys contra dance wearing skirts. I decided to try a kilt instead, for a less sweaty, freer moving, and different look and feel. Success ! It looks great, and is easy to wear. Perhaps , now that I know what a basic one is like, I might get one with more pockets, or a sporran, in case I wear it outside the dance hall. Sewn pleats might spare my wife some work, too. Made in U.S.A., too. This purchase was a wise choice.

  4. Scott Aguilar

    CA Sports Kilt
    I received my California Sports Kilt just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. I wore it making the rounds in Southern California and got nothing but compliments.

  5. Rye Silverman

    California Dreamin!
    I love this kilt! I’ve worn it several times and it looks and fits great!

  6. Alex

    great purchase
    I’m glad I got this. It’s a good price and a good product –comfortable and works with or without all the traditional gear. It’s also lightweight, which helps in areas much, much warmer than Scotland.

    I’ve already recommended the kilt (and site) to a friend.

  7. Bob M

    Great Kilt- Super Comfortable
    I purchased the kilt to wear on Halloween, but enjoyed the look and feel and have worn since. Fits well, very durable. Happy with quality and order turn around time.

  8. Chris Westgate

    Sport Kilt Review
    I was really impressed by the comfort of this kilt. My brother and I both wore them all weekend long at a Celtic Festical in which we compete. I can see myself wearing this kilt for hiking, and all sorts of other activities. Great Job!

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