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Youth Size Sporran


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Sporran Color,Child

<font size="1" face="arial"><i>Caution</i>: It’s possible that the tassels could become dislodged and present a choking hazard to infants and tiny-tots. Please exercise care.</font>

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Youth Sporran,

A functional pouch worn around the waist that is great for holding a few marbles, and some plastic army men!

Ideal for kids from 2-8 years old.  Pictured at left are three sizes: Adult, Youth, and child size sporrans. The youth size measures 5.5" wide by 6.5" tall.  Available in white, gray or black rabbit fur.

Also looks great on smaller women and goes well with our mini kilt!

6 reviews for Youth Size Sporran

  1. Piper Pete

    I purchased this for my 4, almost 5, year old as he was the ring barer for a wedding. It was GREAT. Nice chain, great look, and Velcro closure for the top (much better for a kid). I was really impressed as I imagined a much lower quality for a kids item, but it was nicely made.

  2. WildFan16

    Very Nice!
    Looks great with both the toddler kilt and the youth kilt! Well made.

  3. Suzanne

    Nicely Made
    Reasonable price.

  4. Molly McGraw

    Sport Kilt products Rock!
    I purchased several items from Sport Kilt for my wedding, including a child’s kilt, sporran and kilt socks, and an adult size kilt, sporran and kilt socks. All of the items were delivered quickly and surpassed my expectations! My wedding was beautiful and the quality and price of everything we ordered from Sport Kilt was outstanding! Thank you!!!

  5. Anonymous

    great fit.
    great fit with room to grow!!!

  6. Counihan

    Youth Sporran is small
    We were expecting something a little bigger. If your young man is over 8, buy the adult sporran! Other than that we love it.

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